2DF Jojo's

I know there are some peeps who play this. We need to get a little online scene going at least, and have a few tournaments here and there. I saw like maybe 2 ppl today in the jojo lobby. Then I see the jojo thread in the other games section is still breathing.

2+2 does equal four. I played a lil bit today, and runs sort of smooth but even though my connection is okay my computer sux ass. So whenever anyone is up for some matches just get a hold of me.

I can’t host games until I fix this damn error. So somebody else should host.

-Grrsauce ptII

It’s good to see someone made a jojo thread here. I wanted to make one, but I wasn’t sure if that would be alright seening as though there’s already a jojo thread in the other games section. I’ll play you sometime… I go by the nickname of Arjuna on 2DF. I play Dio, but I’m not very good with him since his main b&b is dfficult to execute correctly 100% of the time.

Okay gotcha. Hopefully this will spark a lil something.

Me and one of my friends have been playing this off and on, but we’re absolute garbage at it. I play Dio, maybe I’ll learn something through some savage beatings.

I play every so often.

Well if anyone is up for playin im gettin on. Face my Young Joseph, and Dio.

What are you playing on?

You mean ping? If that’s what your asking it doesn’t say. But it seems to be stable sort of.

we are paying on this online client called 2df im on it all the time pm me and ill give you the info

MACARONIS! I’ll get at you on aim.

ok add me to aim