2DF Marvel Super Heroes thread

I ddint see a thread for this so I guess I’ll put one up. This is a fun game that doesn’t get too much press. GGS to JedahsMinistry for bringing back some memories =). So come on, lets get together and play this!!

I would play this game more but Jedahs Ministry made me hate the game.:rofl:

GG’s I$AAC, and Deadlyrave-Neo from a little earlier.

Sanjuro I’d hate to think how you feel about COTA now :rofl:

If Jedah plays Spidey, i would so learn this game again.

He does

you mean she and my hero:china:

Oh you dont even know.:rofl:

But seriously though, since i’m about to get laid off by next week I will have some more time to practice and I tend on trying to up my game in MSH and COTA (along with some other games). So next time I see you on 2DF or AIM I will challenge you in something other then a SFII game.:china: