2df/Nfba 7/11/08 Mikado tournament singles

Third Strike Singles Tournament Mikado style

Time: 8 p.m (GMT -5, PST +3)

Date: **July 11

Registration: 7:00 PM till 8 PM (ONLY U.S and Canada)

registration will be taken in the 2df MAIN LOBBY

IF you are in the 3s room i will NOT be taking your registration…due to the fact that you may not be ready

when the tournament begins or you might miss registration while playing

ONLY AFTER YOU REGISTER will you be able to return to 3s room…i want to keep this organized so help me out MEET IN THE MAIN LOBBY ON 2DF

32 player cap

Mikado Style Format:

1 player, (17-32 players)-single elimination or (4-16 players)-double elimination, 2 Different characters per
player, No duplicates

player must use alternate character after 1 game win

EX: Player 1 (ke,ry) vs Player 2 (go,ur)

Ken vs Gouki (Gouki wins) - Player 2 MUST switch to alternate character

Ryu vs Urien (Ryu wins) - Player 1 cant switch because ken was eliminated…Player 2 MUST switch to Gouki**

basically its a 2 character team but every character is used no matter what
the player who defeats both of the opponents characters advances in the bracket

video example: [media=youtube]z6qCTZ37azc[/media]

i will be hosting this tournament mainly on 2df and will only use nfba and hamachi if BOTH players are unable

to host in 2df


2DF, NFBA and hamachi

(These 2 will only be required if both players who are due to fight cannot host…you will need to use hamachi and connect using nfba)

Be sure to know what you’re doing…if you KNOW you cant host and you do NOT have hamachi and nfba…i will give you 2 min…after 2 min i will DQ with no remorse

Be prepared or dont show up at all



lol, they do this in mikado? never seen it, i thought it was with partners only, not singles. but anyways sign me up. ibuki and chun.

lol yes they do have this at Mikado im gonna post a link to a vid in the first post that shows it

but show up on that day…make sure you know everything though…like time and where to register and all that good stuff

Are you hosting on 2DF because you think you’ll get a better turnout?

Hosting on 2DF can get annoying as other people not in the tournament will be likely to challenge you. It’ll just be a mess. I think we should stick to IRC/NFBA


What I said on 2df, you might not catch it there. So I’m posting here.

well with me posting the brackets online…ppl should know who theyre facing…besides someone can easily be denied if they try to challenge you…and yea im tryin to see how the this one will turn out…but besides its limited to US and Canada so most of the time players from other countries wont rly want to play due to lag and delay issues

Um, just set yourself to away until your match comes…

I think the convenience trumps the annoyance, easily. I’ll be there if I’m back in town in time.

yeah that works too

i’m a little confuses about the rules, is it like this?

player 1 ken, ryu — player 2 Chun, Dudley

match 1 ken win ---- Chun
match 2 ryu ---- dudley win
match 3 ken — dudley

or is it like.

match 1 ken win ---- Chun
match 2 ken ----- dudley win
match 3 ryu ---- dudley.

Mikado tournays sometimes confuses me.


Say its like:

Ibuki & Remy vs. Dudley & makoto

Ibuki vs. Dudley and Ibuki wins. Player 1 must switch to Remy while player 2 has to use Makoto now. If player 2 wins match number 2. He/She still has to use Makoto because Dudley was peaced out. Player 1 has to go back to Ibuki now.

Now in match 3 both players are down to their last character. Whoever wins match 3 is declared the winner.

yep yep…you guys got it

We all know Lion never misses a tourney opportunity.

But how will he participate in this one, when Mak is his only char? =O

lol i have a replay where im playing him and he actually chooses CHUN-LI

but it doesnt rly matter what other character he chooses…he’s still not winning and he’ll still play the same way

GOLDEN LION is so beautiful to watch i know your always mesmerized with the replays looking for new angles too achieve victory,
and yes too suplement the PRO that is LION,BUBBLEGUM FUNN chun-li will have too serve as my 2nd string…
ill be there

LMAO…why would i watch the replay over if i already beat your ass…your running out of catchy phrases lion lol


Yun, Dudley

ill be allowing Ramza126 to enter this tournament

i am returning a favor he did for me by allowing him in…i will do my best to put his match on a bracket where there’s mostly EC players…to avoid delay with WC players…if its not that bad against WC players then by all means go for it

If my internet connection cooperates that night, then I’m in.

NevermoreRC - Remy, Urien.

Hey Nica, you better ask for more favors in the future hint. Just kidding man

Urien and Yun for me man

just to let you guys know…i appreciate you showing that you wanna register and all but…just show up to the Main Lobby and let me get your registration there…cuz as i saw in my first tournament…there were ppl who registered but they didnt show up…so make sure you meet in the main lobby from 7-8 p.m on Friday

make sure you know the time difference if you’re on the WC


Black Star - East coast
Ken, Akuma
cant host but got both those programs.