2df Northwest

Yo! anybody else on on 2df. I pretty much have all the games that support the system. Yall should get down,i like much better then GGPO.


found it :

I think GGPO still has better netcode for long-distance play but 2DF is still quite good

if anyone wants to play Fighter’s History Dynamite, Breakers Revenge, Windjammers, or other obscure SNK shit, bring it

I just got done playing 100 lagless matches of ST, im happy!

Jetay talked me into getting on this and I’m having a couple problems getting onto games. Like for instance with Breakers Revenge, I have both Breakers zips and the Neo Geo zip and yet it doesn’t work. Same situation with ST for whatever reason. When I can get shit working properly, I’m willing to play the following…

Breakers Revenge

Now keep in mind, I still can’t get like half of these to work.

For ST you probably need the Super zip too.

For st for sure. Breakers you should just need the original, breakers revenge and the neogeo bios…

EDIT-I got 3S and ST working. Now it’s just getting the right zips for the SNK stuff.

Quick question. Is there a way to save your button configuration? Because every single time I leave a game and play a different game, I have to set my buttons up again. There were plenty of times where I would play alone, and then someone would challenge me and I would accept. Yet when the match started I would be 2p and thus my buttons would be effed up. Then there’d be times where I would come back to a certain game and would have to set my buttons yet again.

Button configuration SHOULD be saved for each game after you click OK. Your button configuration shouldn’t be messed up if you’re on 2P side - even though you’re 2P in the game, it uses the inputs you have set for 1P, so there’s no need to set the buttons for P2.

As for the rom issue, you might have a “merged” rom file which usually works fine in most emulators, but 2DF requires separate zips. That is, Breakers Revenge uses roms from the “breakers” set as a parent, “breakrev” is treated as a clone. You need to have both “breakers.zip” and “breakrev.zip” in your rom directory. If you got it from a site that had all the roms zipped into one breakers.zip, 2DF won’t let you enter the room. There are a couple solutions to this outside of redownloading from a site that has them separated - you can make a copy of breakers.zip and rename it breakrev.zip (takes up more file space), or you can just make an empty dummy text file and rename it to breakrev.zip. This method works as long as you have all the roms merged in one zip already.

If that’s not your problem then I dunno :looney:

Im pretty sure he was probably missing the neogeo.zip for the bios… I forget that alot.

he said he had the neogeo.zip, then again he said he had both Breakers zips too now that I re-read it. maybe one of them is an outdated romset or something

oh your right, i totally missed that somehow… maybe he got one of the hacked bios’s? I’ve heard some emu’s dont like that.

So I finally found out what the problem was (had a faulty neogeo zip heh). But 2DF crashed like two times, also, I could never host a game with Julian because of some random issue involving ports. I have no idea what the problem is. I was able to play like, everybody else on the planet Earth though. Except when BBH challenged me. I accepted, and then 2DF crashed and I said eff it =/.

EDIT-GGs in ST Jetay. You like that 2DF crashing shinkuu hadouken huh? Hahahah.

oh, I had wondered what happened there. sorry man :\

Port Fowarding for the loose.

Why is it so god damn laggy?

Because you had the MvC1 rom on your computer before you downloaded the ST rom. It’s been scientifically proven that having a MvC1 rom on your computer (especially before downloading other roms that are BETTER), raises your ping.

I’m in the process of trying to track down an Xbox 360 stick. Once that happens I’m gonna try to start playin’.

Rairu - There’s supposed to be a new Hori Soul Calibur 4 stick coming for the 360. It’s the same stick as the Doa4/Vf5, only with SC4 artwork. Should be out any day now, I’ve heard.

EDIT: Here’s a link with pics:




I fully understand now…


LOL at Kenny’s character usage pie chart. HELLLLA Sagat usage hahah. Good shit!