2df or ggpo?


I recently started using ggpo and im having a good time, but I was wondering what the general consensus is. Which is the better program, 2df or ggpo? How is 2df compared to ggpo?


When the GGPO servers are down go on 2df.

When the 2df servers are down go to GGPO.

When both are down go to your local arcade.


GGPO for me.


What’s an arcade?


both. dumb question/thread/etc.




You’re SO funny. :lol:


good computer/internet -> ggpo
bad computer/internet -> 2df


the fuck?

2df and ggpo are pretty similiar when youve got a really good connection to the opponent.

when playing coast to coast if you want no input delay and dont mind missed inputs, play ggpo.

if you want no missed inputs and dont mind input delay, play 2df.


both are pretty bad, no matter what you do its going to be pretty bad.


Unless packets can be sent back in time, nothing can beat offline performance.


2df for the x-box live teenager experience, ggpo for the drunken frat boys


GGPO for everything but 3S from what i heard.


The only thing worth having with 2df is witnessing fights you had recorded againest all the players you matched up with. Otherwise GGPO is a lot better because more people are on there.

and i have noticed a lotta former x box live players converted to 2df.


Fuck outta here with that argument. GGPO is fantastic for spectating and lag, but 2df has one thing GGPO doesn’t…and this way way WAAAAAY more games to play! That is a HUGE benefit and advantage in my opinion. And this is even more true with MAME. If GGPO used MAME and all the games in its catalog instead of FBA with only a select few, I’d be in heaven.


GGPO for me

I’ve only tried 2DF once (with 3s) and it was pretty awful. The lag made it just about unplayable. I played with at least 3 diff people. I’ve not had that issue with GGPO though. Maybe I should give 2DF another chance some day.




Both suck use Kaillera instead.


get a new ISP maybe?



2DF was pretty choppy last time I used it.