2DF samurai shodown thread

i have not tried this client yet but i hear its great and i see samurai shodown is on the games list. I will start playing again soon so i make this thread to see if any others are playing samurai shodown on 2df and want a good opponent or some discusion, latr mike.

Most of the old crew is on it now, except Nog who can’t get it to work. A few new players as well.

It be nice to get some Samsho Players on it…

what country are you guys in? I’m in Los Angeles and I’m down for some games but I’m on a Sprint Wireless Broadband connection via my laptop. GGPO was pretty good for me on this connection with certain peeps in the US. I’ll download this 2DF app in a couple hours and see if I can look for some Samsho 2 players. My name will be Isamu, but if that’s taken already I’ll use Isamuu :smiley:

There aren’t NEARLY enough SS2 players on the GGPO test client as there should be. It’s a ghost town :frowning: