2DF SBO Third Strike Tournament US - Canada 9/27/08

ORIGINAL POST IS ON 2dfighter.com - this is where the tournament will be held- here is the link - http://2dfighter.com/forums/p/979/8024.aspx#8024

Street Fighter 3:Third Strike Tournament
Saturday September 27th, 8PM Central Time-Registration ends 6PM Central Time (Pacific is 2 hours behind)

This will be an SBO style Double Elimination Tournament, Meaning only Teams of 3 characters will be allowed, And there will also be a Losers Bracket, When the winner from the Losers bracket meets the Winner from the Winners bracket The Player from the losers bracket must win a total of 4 Fights to be declared the winner, Where as The Player from the Winners Bracket must only win 2 fights to be declared the Winner (you must stay with the team that is posted in here, changes can be made until registration ends)

Matches will be 3/5 Total, first to run out of characters is the loser
(Please PM me with results afterwards, Winning results only please.)

The Ability To Host Must Be present, you may enter if you can not host, If Two Players that can not Host meet, Both players will be Disqualified and The next fighter will advance Because of this, So Please Get Those Ports Forwarded!!!

Thats about it, Also If you can help spread the word of This Tournament That would help a great deal, do your best to get the word out, Please And Thank You

Please go to 2df

and the prize is?

i need a team i use yun

So what emulator and game version, etc. do we use? P2P??? pm me for info…

I need a team too!!!

If you are interested please make sure to visit www.2dfighter.com and register


there is the original post