2DF: Self-imposing Death Mark / Saikyo Challenge

I’m dedicating myself to the staunchly-stated fact (delusion) that Dan is the best Capcom character ever.

Classes end for me after Wednesday this week.
So I’m getting into Alpha 2 / Alpha 3 on 2DF.
I’ll be picking Dan first three matches.
After that, I may switch up a bit. Depends on how I feel.

Hopefully 2DF will be back up and going by Thursday.

I figure if I can up my game by using Dan by being constantly challenged, and, subsequently beaten down (?) I should start to improve on the quick.

I know there are a lot of Dan haters out there…
So free wins for a while I suppose–and therapy for those with such an anger against the character.

See you guys on Thursday!

Ill be there, and dan is decent in most games, like A2. Im a A2 player.

I hate to do this…
I was hoping to get everything out of the way today.
But now I have several tests to take between now and Sunday. 3 multi-chapter
and one comprehensive final! Bah!

I’m’a have to push this back to Monday for me.

My apologies to RagingStormX and anyone waiting in the wings to take on my style of Dan-usage. (I can only wish for a better wording of this.)

My studies have to come before any online gaming. So I figured a heads up would be favorable.


O.K., Time’s up.
Let’s DO THIS!