Where can i get this program…all the links for it on this site dont seem to work…I keep getting and invalid username or bad host when trying to load 2dfighter.com…Do they have a new web address?

yeah same prob here, maintainance maybe?

well thats good to know it isnt only me.

I wish it was only you, then the rest of us could play

Well, Damdai did say last week that he’s changing the way how replay is saved (to the client’s side), plus upgrading the website/client around this week.

Well ive never seen 2DF but i just Dl’d GGPO yesterday and that is impressive if you ask me…So I now want 2df also as i heard it has more variety of games…Technology is amazing nowadays…Is there anything else out there that people can recommend that I may be missing out on?

Wow, wtf did Damdai do with 2DF? Supercade is a mess…

Oh, dear.


Make sure you have .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 installed on your machine.

Still have to go through the RunOnce process, and it’ll ask you what folder to browse to (this is for the location of your roms).

The rest is simple…

oh, dear where art thou fucking doing, damdai?


its the new replacement site for 2df, once you sign on or register itll explain more about the site

i havent tried it yet but im really looking forward to it, the changes that are made seem much better for actual players instead of ppl who just sit in the main chat all day. Good shit to Damdai (doing things BIG in 2010 :tup: )

Where’s the chat session? :sad: Love the new layout, by the way.

It’s laggy as hell. The interface makes you feel isolated.

It won’t let you connect with people with a ping more than 120 at all. Meanwhile on the old client I could play against Korean/Japanese at 200 plus ping fine . . .

there is none, which is good so you dont see ppl spamming the N word all day, its ridiculous to see ppl do that

I barely joined 2DF a couple of days ago, only to find that the whole interface has changed. Interesting.

And keeping the ping down to 120… well, eh, good games only? I guess.

A warining would’ve been fine, I don’t see the need to completely prevent people with >120ping playing. The fact that you can’t see the other player’s ping makes this more annoying =/

So there is no programs or software to download? I couldnt find any such info on the site. Also from the looks of it and what it says Im thinkin GGPO is better, either way i stilll want this program but im not totally sure what it is I need to do? I need the ROMS and when i legally aquire them where do they go?

Although I havent seen the way it runs yet,If in fact this is the case then Id have to 100% agree with you…I can already imagine just trying to join games and cant because of the ping issues…They def need to at least show the ping.

The whole point of that lobby system was to see who was on, and who wasn’t. It was simple; just scroll. Now you have to go through a website to see? Wtf… I don’t want to go through pages, and pages to see if some dude I want to play is online. These whole thing feels like match making, I dislike it.

I don’t know, maybe Damdai will fix it, and add the lobby again. Currently, it’s laggy (much worse than 2DF), and it’s harder to get a match going.