Title explains it’self . Trying to give the homies project a little more publicity too.

First vote is mine for awsome.

P.S. If you feel like getting spun in ST, just hit me with a PM!!! :rofl: J/K

Hey dude, that’s cool to hear!

Just as reference points, can you give a comparison to Kaillera P2P and GGPO?

Works awesome for me.

nfba usually does, So I see nothing bad in adding in a lobby/matchmaking system.

If you have ever used nfba+p2p then it feels basically exactly like that in my opinion.

I don’t think I’ve ever played a game with anyone <200ms so for me 2DF feels considerably superior. That is unless there’s something I’m missing about nFBA + p2p.

15 to 1 so far looks good to me !!!

last night, i got in about 25 matches of st with jms and it ran beautifully. i’ve had some troubles with my roms being incompatible, maybe they’re out of date, but st has been fine. i’m looking forward to also getting some shooters on there if people are interested. i’d like to play some co-op dodonpachi or maybe some of those old capcom beat-em-ups.

Been good experiences for me so far, plus gives me replays to watch when I’m bored.

When I play european players it’s really cool, usa matches are a bit disturbing but still playable

2df is da muthafukin shit. 40-2 is a rape lol.

Vote up people, show the homie some love !

The only issue with 2DF is that the installation process is a pain for a lot of people.

If they can make it clearer, this thing will compete quite strongly with GGPO. Definitely something you want to use.

I didn’t have that kind of problem (installation). For me, instructions are very clear.

The only issue I found is sometimes connection is lost and several times replays won’t save, and there’s no explanation how then replays service goes (about when is saved and when not)

I get the impression the shorter the session is, the more the chance to get the replay

2df >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ggpo


But 2DF is still slower and choppier for me than P2P nfba, which runs amazingly.

2DF is awesome. I never experienced a program that offers that netplay code quality. GGPO is good but for me it never worked fine - I always had little lag spikes and random framerates even with ppl next to my house, what doesnt happen with 2DF. I always feel that I’m playing the true offline game in the most games that 2DF supports (not all, tough), even with high ping players.

Both GGPO and 2DF are good. Some ppl will have better experience with GGPO, and some ppl will have better experience with 2DF, as I’ve been noticing. But one thing is truth - the old Kaillera is gone.

Its spectacular. Between this and GGPO online gaming really has never been any better.


59-6 and rapeing …I mean counting

Its brilliant. I was having recording issues and some other issues with GGPO. This is really great, and suits me fine

Though it was good for online, I suppose, it was still to laggy for me for me to play. Not only is turbo 2 weird for me, but 5+ frames of lag and MANY dropped inputs make me hesitant to participate in even casual play, since I don’t want to make bad habits before real tournaments.

I’ve had laggier experiences with 2DF than with nFBA P2P or the GGPO test server, but I still like it and appreciate how it’s always being improved upon.

When I do connect with someone that’s close enough or has a good enough connection, the experience is nothing short of spectacular.