2k3 boss edition floating about on GW

It changed the motions for a lot of moves: things I noticed

LDMs can be done by anybody - even non-leaders
Boss selectable
get 5 stocks without losing a character

Movelist changes
King’s Trap shot is back to old motion
Maxima’s SDM is double fireball+AC
Ash’s flashkick is DP+ K : throws him into Duolon tier I think

I’m curious as to how it was done, and wondering if he could make a frankenstein 98 now…

He has no clue how to balance stuff, but it’s still impressive work.

Who is “he”? I don’t really care about the Boss Edition, but I’d like to find the bootleg version of that atleast… ANd the emulator they gave me to run that sucks.

he is whoever did this ROM and jacked around with it.

a 68k programmer? unless he stole original srcs from snk…

the first three things can easily be done by memory editing. I have no idea how changing move commands would work though.

I used to do this type of thing for Diablo II and DIablo II Expansion. When it comes to commands for moves, there could be a variety of ways to do this. I assume one way you could do it is for each character move, assign some value to it, and this value is used to point into a lookup table which contains the actual motions itself…if this is how it works, then it will be VERY easy for me to edit.

Hello hex editing