2nd active frame sweep combos



So, I was screwing around in training mode one day a long time ago when I realized that with the right combo or the right spacing, it’s possible to make Chun’s sweep combo. This is very similar to that YouTube video that surfaced a while back showing Vanilla Chun’s ability to combo into Ultra off crouching jab.

I revisited that combo in Super and realized it may have more uses than I originally thought, especially since the cast is much bigger now, thus making the combo viable against potentially more characters.

Anyway, with the right spacing or with the right combo, it is possible to combo Chun’s sweep. I haven’t tested this against the entire cast yet, but the characters I k ow this works against are:


And I haven’t finished testing yet.

The combo is usually (with some variation depending on the character) cr.LK > cr.LP > cr.LP > f.st.LP > Sweep.

The last standing jab needs to be timed properly; in most cases when used as part of a normal combo (such as when comboing into standing fierce) that stand jab will whiff. However, if you time it just right, standing jab will hit on it’s second active frame, giving Chun one more frame of advantage on hit, thus allowing Chun to combo sweep, f.st.MP, or Ultra, three things which Chun is not normally able to combo.

I thought this would be worth creating a new thread for. I might post more details or even a video soon.

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on gief u can do this cr.lkx2, cr.lpX2, but u have to link the last jab to get the +7, its very easy when u link the jabs before the cr.hk or U1


look what i`ve found on the YT channel of hubneo2


second active into st.mp… i`ll be messing with that a little

edit. it seems that hubneo2 spend quite time doing test about the 2nd active into sweep



I personally don’t see the use for comboing into st.MP, since even if your execution was good enough to cancel into EX Legs, most of the time it doesn’t reach.


yes indeed, and its very tricky D:


yes indeed, and its very tricky D:


I have just realized that there is a much easier way to setup Chun’s 2nd active sweep.

cr.HP xx HK Legs MK Legs > cr.LP > s.LP > Sweep

As far as I know, it works on everyone. I haven’t tested yet, but I will when I get home from work.

But man, this is a sexy looking combo.


testing :B


I know for sure it works on Dan, because that’s who I initially did it against. But as far as I’m aware the usual cr.LK > cr.LP > cr.LP > s.LP > Sweep doesn’t work against Dan, which leads me to believe that it may be possible against more characters.



Is there any reason the setup with hazanshu only works on 1 side? Ive tried it and have never been able to do on the right side, but I can perform it on the left side pretty consistently.


That looks pretty crazy, is there some sort of trick to landing that sweep?


You have to sweep earlier than you think. The timing for it is very similar to landing far Fierce after a jab, but it feels weirder to hit roundhouse.


it works on fuerte :stuck_out_tongue:


I have done a lot of testing, and the hazanshu set-up works only on one side. Also, they have to be standing to perform, so I don’t think its very useful outside of counterhit cl.sHK > m. Hazanshu.


sweep combo works on balrog&cody too

balrog c.lk>c.lp>c.lp>f s.lp>c.hk
cody c.lk>c.lp>c.lp>f s.lp>f s.lp>c.hk


I am going to try to start working on this again.

If any of you want to help, I would REALLY appreciate it!


cr.lk > cr. lp > cr. lp > f s.lp > c.hk works on:

Dudley seemed a bit tougher to pull off for some reason (I suck) but it works nonetheless.


His hitbox changes as he moves around. Check it.


Blanka player here, I was just messing around in training for an unrelated thing and saw cr.lp, cr.lp, cr.lp, cr.hk comboed very easily against crouching Blanka as long as you do the jabs nice and slow. You can even tell when it is the second active frame hitting because it has a distinctive hitspark outside of Blanka’s character model.



Lol at missing both plinks on Ryu. Sorry for the bad quality. Windows movie maker butchers my videos for some reason, making them all jittery and messing up the resolution.

But anyways, did a little testing of my own. Characters I could get it to work on are:


Sakura was extremely difficult to get that on, and I don’t even see the worth in trying for it when you could just as easily skip the jab and go for the sweep directly after legs. It only seemed to want to work when all the planets aligned on a blue moon. I added it anyways though. Everyone else wasn’t too difficult. On Adon I managed to hit it 12 times in a row before I decided to start recording. I demonstrated the methods that I found to be the most reliable, and tried to demonstrate it from both sides. With ken it was possible to do it other ways (though rather difficult), but I found that the legs method worked the best and wasn’t terribly hard.

Characters I could not get any sort of 2nd active frame sweep combo on:


These characters have various reasons for not wanting to combo. With Juri it is difficult to get a 4th attack to connect. It almost always whiffs. She has some weird hit boxes on her. After some extensive testing, I decided to try some 3 hit combos linked into sweep, also to no avail. What a bitch. Gouken just plain refuses to be swept after any sort of shenanigans. He either blocks or it misses him. Seth and Dhalsim are usually out of range of the sweep, and on the rare occasion you can get it to connect, they are able to block. I tried all the methods listed in this thread and a few variations of my own with no luck. Not saying it isn’t possible, I just couldn’t figure out a way.

There may be other ways to land it on those four, but I wasn’t able to.

I’ll probably test some more characters later.