2nd Annual N-Cubed Results


Quick Results day 1 of N3.

3rd Strike

1st - Cameron Buckner (BloodUrien)
2nd - Jamarr Lewis (Jamarvelous)
3rd - Datrick Orr
4th - Simon Yoo (YooYoung)


1st - Jamarr Lewis (Jamarvelous)
2nd - Michael Utt - Colorado
3rd - Datrick Orr
4th - Kevin - Colorado


1st - David (Big D) Colorado
2nd - Jamarr Lewis (Jamarvelous)
3rd - ?
4th - Jim Lapoint - Chicago

Guilty Gear XX

1st - Jamarr Lewis (Jamarvelous)
2nd - Andrew - Colorado
3rd - David (Cue) - Nebraska
4th - Jim Lapoint - Chicago

Guilty Gear XX 2on2

1st - Datrick & Jamarr - Team Nebraska
2nd - Eric & Jim - Team Chicago
3rd - Andrew (Colorado) & David (Nebraska)
4th - Patrick & Kevin - Team Colorado

Stacy has the brackets for mvc2. So I don’t remember who placed 3rd in that.

Thanks to everyone who showed up! Turnout was lower this year, but it seems like everyone had a great time. Lots of cash prizes and goodies going out to the winners today. And tomorrow the overall top 3 winners of N3 will be fighting over some more great prizes.

Grand Prize gets a brandnew X-Box or PS2 or $180 gift Cert from Toys R Us.

2nd Place is fighting over a Game Boy Advance SP or $100 gift cert from Toys R Us.

3rd Place runner up will recieve $20 gift cert from Toys R Us.

Should be interesting to see who comes out on top.


what teams were used in cvs2 and how many people entered?



andrew is from texas


well due to me being snowed in,I can’t make it today and I was going to play in SFA3 too:bluu: Here are the results for GGXX and MvC2.

GGXX:16 players

1st-Jamarr Lewis "JaMarvelous"
2nd-Andrew Marks "RacerX"
3rd-David N. "Cue"
4th-Jim LaPointe "Cracka J"
5th-Don Martin "Onyx"
5th-Kevin Madore
7th-Datrick Orr "Datrick"
7th-Mike Smith "The_Saiyan_Prince"
9th-Mike Utt "Halfro"
9th-Patrick Murakanii "Trick"
9th-Sal Bryant “Smokin Jo”

9th-Kris Gill "lonelyfighter"
13th-Eric Collazo "bob washington"
13th-Travis Nible "Klaige"
13th-Rob Leivian
13th-Mario Mejia “youcanwonder”

Congrats to Jamarr for 1st and to Andrew for 2nd:)

MvC2:7 players (round robin) okay,I put the results into apex. What shows up for points is how it is done. So no complaining okay?:stuck_out_tongue:

Jamarr Lewis “JaMarvelous” (5 wins-1 loss)
David “Big D” (5 wins-1 loss)
Michael Utt “Halfro” (4 wins-2 loss)
Jim LaPointe “Cracka J” (3 wins-3 loss)
Don Martin “Onyx” (2 wins-4 loss)
Simon Yoo “YooYoung” (1 win-5 loss)
Kris Gill “lonelyfighter” (1win-5 loss)

Congats to Jamarr and David for getting 1st and to Michael for getting 2nd.

I will post the results for CvS2,ST and TTT when I can get the brackets,which should be a few days.

The 3s brackets are missing,DBA gave me most of the results I am missing 2 ppl from the results. If you know you were in 3s and are missing from the results below,please post here or PM me about it and I will get it on apex asap. Thanks:D

1st-Cameron Buckner"BloodUrien"
2nd-Jamarr Lewis"JaMarvelous"
3rd-Datrick Orr"Datrick"
4th-Simon Yoo"YooYoung"
5th-Tony DeFly
5th-David N"Cue"
7th-Jon Gossin"Death By Aegis"
7th-Kris Gill"lonelyfighter"
9th-Brian Gossin"Death By Rose"
9th-Stacy Kruse"queen of combat"
9th-Mario Mejia"youcanwonder"


who played what characters in 3s?


Stacy - I’m stuck in Lincoln. We got hit real bad with snow. There’s no way I can get up to Omaha today to finish running this. Jon Gragg and David will be finishing things up for us today. There probably won’t a Tekken tournament since neither of us can make it up there to bring the consoles. Other than that, everythings a go.

Melven and Mario are the other 2 players who finished 9th in 3s.

Stacy on those MVC2 results David N (Cue) didn’t play. It was David “Big D” from Colorado. It probably didn’t say his last name on the brackets, so you got confused. Sorry…


yes iam:D


good job andrew!


cvs2 full results

1st - jamarr
2nd - michael utt
3rd - datrick
4th - kevin
5th - david n, cameron
7th - patrick, kris gill
9th - melven, varao, myles, keith


Jon,its cool on the MvC2 bracket. ppl are not perfect:p I will fix it.

Yeah,the snow did really suck:mad: did David leave the brackets for ST at the FFC? I still need those.

A big thanks to the ppl who came out of state. Hope you guys had fun anyway.:slight_smile: even though the sticks on GGXX and CvS2 didnt work once. (that I know of:lol: )


garry coleman that shit racer! good shit.


3s cvs2 characters

  1. Cameron- Urien,Yun,Chun Li,Ken,Yang
  2. Jamarr- Chun Li,Necro,Ken
  3. Datrick- Ken,Ryu
  4. Simon- Akuma,Ken,Dudley3s
  5. Tony-Necro,Ken


  1. Jamarr-(a) Sak,Sagat,Geese © Sagat,Haomaru,Cammy
  2. Mike(Halffro)-(a) Ryu,Bison,Sak (a) Ken,Ryu,Bison
    3.Datrick-§ Ryu,Terry,Rock § Sagat,Gief,Rock
    4.Kevin-© Mai,??
  3. Cameron-(n) Ryu,Ken,Sagat, § Iori,Dhalsim,Terry § Blanka,Dhalsim,Akuma § Blanka,Dalsim,Ken
  4. David N.-(k) Rock,Sagat,Iori

Yo wasup fools, its Cameron
Fun tournament peeps it really was. So fun that I had to miss out Sunday cause I was too sick from drinking Saturday.:lame:
Thanks for coming Colorado and Shy town, you know u guys are always welcome and cool as fuck. Datrick stop beating me in Cvs2! If your gonna win then but dont barley win cause that just pisses me off even more.:lol: Sorry I cant remember who played with Kevin. I just know u had Mai. By the way I sent that guy to losers and he still got 4th some how.:lol: ha ha I’m a hater



good shit to everyone that came…like the buck said chi its always good seein u foo’s george u is weak for not coming domingo heard u had to work dog…its all good…co u guys all suck…mike u big tall bastard u suck :p…naw just kiddin foos …its was good to meet u guys…i wanna another match mr baikan player…forgot ur name homes…sorry…im really bad w/ them…i remembered mike cuz yeah he sucked and i had to b nice to him otherwise he would of pulled the race card on me :D…naw but ya’ll foos stay up we’ll meet agains …everyone else good shit jamarr…u still suck …im out ppls peeces


good shit to everybody that showed. this tourney coulda been better, but for all the drama headin up to this im happy it was a fun time. always chill to hang out with the chicago peeps (eric, tony and jim). fukkin tony with his buffet line of “weed.” damn, i was fukkin faded. haha, but good games. better watch out for me on the GGXX tip tho. im gonna be comin up. to colorado, thanks for showin. i might meet up with you guys at showdown. but i cant guarantee nuttin.






Whassup Nebraska, it’s Don from Colorado(testament).

This tournament was a good way for us to ease our way into the national scene, nebraska peeps are cool as hell, glad we got to chill with you guys after the tourny. For a lot of us Colorado kids this was our first out of state, thanks for making it a good experience. I’m glad we didnt get totally stomped in any of the games we entered.

Hope to see you guys in Texas for the showdown…

hit any of us colorado players up at www.coloradofusion.net



Thanks for coming to N-cubed. Glad you had fun. :slight_smile: You and your crew were impressive espically in GGXX. keep up the good work:cool:

yeah, the snow does suck in Ne:lol:


Super fun time weekend!!! it was like driving to another city in colorado and playing some old friends…

just one thing can i have my apex points and i got first in mvc2 not second


BigD,I can change it. You and Jamarr both got 5 wins 1 loss,so you tied. I dunno why apex is like that for round robin.:rolleyes: I don’t think Jamarr cares if he looses points in MvC2:lol:

send me a PM on how you want your name in apex. I put your name in as on the signup sheet and it came up different. thanks


Also wanted to say thanks to Pudge for letting us stay the night at his crib, that was real cool of you man, we appreciate it.

And thanks to Jamaar for beating mike smith relentlessy with characters you dont play, that popped his big head :smiley: