2nd bach of TE sticks?


Sold my HRAP 3 and waiting for the 2nd bach.

Now, they said early march to april. It’s already near the end of the first week, and still nada.

Anyone hear any rumors on when the next shipment will come?


He has to finish a couple of concertos before he can send them to you. If you keep practicing your Baroque techniques and piano key presses then it might get shipped to you by roughly the third week of march.
Keep vigilante in your musical endeavors.


My favorite Bach song is Art of Fugue.


HRAP3 didn’t do it for you?


Did you pre-order? If you didn’t (and I’m betting you didn’t.), you won’t be seeing one until, oh probably May or even June. No “2nd batch” stick for you. Unless you go to Ebay and pay those ridiculous prices because “you just can’t wait”.

You should’ve kept that HRAP 3, it’s a good stick.


hahah that is funny lol