2nd european SBO qualifier 3rd/Germany

Hi guys,

I already wrote a thread for the

2nd european SBO qualifier in 3rd

in the tournament forum but I think that it would be better when I post again in this forum :wink:

Here is the link for the official thread in the www.tougeki.org forum:


I hope that any players from foreign countries will join this tournament.

No tenka tourney? also how long must i wait for activation on the forum. I have waited 4 months.

to activate your account you have to post in this thread:


Yeah i did but i guess you need be french to get access to it

no, that´s not possible…

I´m german and I´m registered on the site and many other german players too…

send me an PM with your account dates and I will ask the webmaster of the site what´s wrong.

You guys might know, but is there a fighting game community in Zurich Switzerland?

Completely off topic, I hope you don’t mind.