2nd European SBO qualifier (Germany, Stuttgart) Results - 3s

18/03/06 Results:-

  1. Team Festival (FRENCH) - BillyKane (Yun), Yox (Yang), Pecheur (Hugo)
  2. Team Bad (UK) - Chunkis (Ken) , The Prince (Hugo), Raju (Urien)
  3. Team Ugly (UK) - Vince (Yun) , Harmonaz (Akuma), El Carpeto (Oro)
  4. Real Gods (GER) - (Tayfun, Faust, Zero1)
  5. Chimpokemon (AUT) - (Adler, Zaubermeister, Weisskreuz)
  6. STD (GER) - (ShinJo, Tsunami, Demulant)

A total of 10 teams entered and the format was a round robin group with the top 4 teams qualifying to a semi final knock out stage.

The Final:
Here is just a summary of how the final happened incase anyone is wondering:

Pecher [HU] X - O Chunkis [KE]
Ultrayox [YA] O - X Chunkis [KE]
Ultrayox [YA] O - X The Prince [HU]
Ultrayox [YA] X - O Raju [UR]
BillyKane [YU] O - X Raju [UR]

For our UK team experiences at the tournament check out: http://s13.invisionfree.com/Ranking_Battles_UK/index.php?showforum=1

Contrags to billykane and the french team for getting your spot back, rep hard at sbo.

good show to my UK manz, sounded crazy, wish I could’ve seen it.

Also, that Tayfun guy is good, if he’s the same guy a I remember. Props to germany.

Not that it matters but the Chimpokemon team is AUT not GER, congrats to all I wish I could’ve been there :frowning:


All vidz and footage is being compiled. But it would be better to check out www.rankingbattles.co.uk when they do become available.

Also there is a german site which will probably have videos soon, i think its www.hardedge.de, and also www.tougeki.org

Unofficial footage from the UK heads whilst we were out there is up now: http://www.ezoneonline.co.uk/rbvids/3S/ezone%20prince%20cam/


http://www.ezoneonline.co.uk/rbvids/prodigal%20cam/ (u will need quicktime to view these ones)

And a video diary thanks to vince: http://rapidshare.de/files/16514384/teamuk_stuttgart_sboquals.avi.html

Some of the file names on the prince cam footage is just joke stuff lol.

The official footage will be put up by the germans and I think maybe a dvd will be made too!