2nd Fighters


has anyone ever wondered or have been pondering why later fighting franchises after it’s predecessor fall short? take darkstalkers for example, the granddaddy of hyper fast fighting games that introduced not only bizarre characters but bizarre gameplay was met with poor reviews from game magazines and was barely heard about bout the fg community. to common a subject? how about samurai shodown and soul calibur, two franchises that were praised and not only got critical reception they gave players something to forever cherish and helped their respected company thrive. but as time went on these franchises suddenly started hitting rock bottom. samsho last game was a soul calibur ripoff with blood and gore, the soul series from was complete shit from what i’ve heard and i really don’t have to yell out how long darkstalkers has been in the dark. as a person who was able to multitask between street fighter and smb/sonic at the age of 4 i’m upset that certain titles get such cold treatment. while i’m a big fan of these series i’m not playing favorites there are many other fighters that had came out after one successful franchise that have been neglected or left for dead. i guess the nostalgic gamer was right about the fgc: it is picky; guess that can’t be helped.


Whatchu talkin’ about. The 3rd Darkstalkers game, Vampire Savior is generally considered one of the best 2d fighting games ever made (and Vampire Hunter, the 2nd game, is also highly regarded as well).


What in the fuck are you trying to say…


i’m talkin’ bout how the series went nowehere after '97 as well as other 2nd titles being dropped after a short period of time dude. you don’t gotta reiterate to me something i still play.


You forget that alot of other series went nowhere after the 90s fighter boom died out. Yet alot of these games continued to have large, competitive scenes in the arcades, especially in Japan. Alot of these series stopped getting new installments simply because the boom in fighting games ended.


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