2nd Impact: A New Generation of BPin

I know. I’m breaking the page. Down with me!!!

I kind of sucked the last time I put up an art thread on this forum, several years ago. Now, I believe I suck less. Let’s start off by letting me post some of my original characters.

Rosalowe. Sassy ice bitch, cigarette addict, Yakuza aniki (lol), nearing a midlife crisis, and the Allegorical Spirit of Courtesy. This young woman plays all of these roles and more. Her preferred color scheme is black with primary colors, or just plain black. She has a confrontational disposition, but comes off as an older person who’s gotten tired of her misspent bitter youth and is slightly more cheerful, even if she just sounds like an indignant asshole.

Index Iness. Dejected, shy, misplaced, yet determined to the core. She’s often seen in the role of a lowly government clerk, secretary, security guard, or anyone else on the bottom rungs of the white collar world. Despite this, it’s either fate or the unconscious will of Index herself that guides her towards adventure, spanning this world, and the next. When she’s not wearing hats, Index keeps her hair slight spiky; her preferred colors are red, gray, and yellow.

Previously Posted Fan Art

Cool pics man. I don’t want to ruin your thread so here is a link to help you out instead of me posting a pic into your thread. Just try to get some flow sense in your poses. You got it in some of them though.


cool beans, bpin. I like your character designs. The background information flesh them out well. You ever think about writing a short story with them in it?

keep up the work and you’ll see improvements before you know it. I think cleaner and simple lines with not so much details would suit your style better.

Based on that succubus from Disgaea (Etna) per chance? :smiley:

4neqs: Yes. Someone once asked me to draw a Voldo-styled Flonne as a companion… maybe one day.

SFMC: Actually, I’ll make sure to keep that in mind. What do you suggest for balanced poses for characters who are lazy and lathargic though? In the pose you suggested, Rosalowe looks a bit more proactive than I’d ever portray her.

Fist: Clean lines? That used to be a goal of mine, until I was drawn to my ghetto paint style. But I’ll think about it. I’m a fan of woof’s work.

you can still give off a sense of … unstiffness while displaying laziness!

but anyway, i recommend practicing your proportions. judging from these, you have potential!



INSANELY time consuming because of the pose. Had to rework more than once. Now I’m satisfied.

Those sprites are begging for some antialiasing. Your color choices seem a little off around some spots, too. Although that’s mainly just contrast issues!

Still, you get my respect for taking on larger sprites. What a pain in the ass!

New Wave!


rofl that first one is adorable