2nd Impact Arcade Sticks


Any way to buy one of these things stateside?
Or a proxy service for Merchardolive so I can grab myself one of the cases like:

I would make it myself but I’d have to find plexi and so on for it and I figure trying to find some way to get it a hold of one. However, not even the 2nd Impact facebook does not sell internationally.


I don’t think it’s worth going through all the trouble. There are a lot of custom acrylic case makers State side already. Check out jony froze or foe hammer. They make cases out of all sorts of materials.


Foehammer was my first choice, but they never answered me back and I contacted them multiple times over last year.

Jony Froze is someone I’ve never heard of so I will look for them.

However it’s already too late. I was able to work out shipping and purchase a case from them. Strangely enough even with shipping it was cheaper than most custom cases available at just 110 usd.


Apparently their arcade sticks are really good. They even sponsor two Street Fighter V professional players here, Brolynho and Didimokof.


Wish I saw more people with them…They really have some great case designs! But I heard the stick and buttons from them are great quality as well.