2nd Kaillera MOTW Tournament (07/10/2005)

Again a solid turnout though we were missing a few people that said they were going to join.

1st - Young Ic3
2nd - -LandoSystem-
3rd - Hellsap
4th - Nagata Lock II
5th - Original Gatsby
5th - SomeGuy
7th - TigerGenocide
9th - Lothar
9th - Jaehoon
9th - Athanasy
9th - RXS
13th - R o c k L e e
13th - DaDesiCanadian
13th - Regulate

GG’s to everyone today. This ran smoother than the last one so we’re obviously working the kinks out of the system. I can’t run a tourney next week due to running T6 so someone else will have to step up if they want to run something.

Good games, great stuff. You did the impossible once again.

Ill try my best to join the next one whenever.


Good shit fellas, just like playing normally but with a little added pressure. =) Props to Nagata for keeping things smooth and on track. GGs to everyone I fought… especially Ic3 u bastard… FIERCE matches in both winners and grand finals. See everyone in GW… lookin forward to the next one.


Good shit Dwayne…

ICE :tup:

LOL Ice wtf
[3:51pm] <Young_Ic3> ima get last place
[3:52pm] <Young_Ic3> Bet it
[3:53pm] <Jaeaway> no moob is

Damnit… I fell asleep… tourney was already halfway over by the time I woke up

Everyone forgot about you anyway.:stuck_out_tongue:

GJ Ice.

And thanks Nagata for running this shit.

I’m slowly learning my way around this game, will do better next time, if i figure out Hotaru :tdown:

what he said lol had to wake up at 5:30 to go to work so i came home and fell out

Do any of you guys remember who was used by anyone?

I used my Scrubby Dong Hwan.

Someguy - Terry.
Gatsby - Hokutomaru.
TigerGenocide - Terry.
R o c k L e e - Freeman
Lando - Dong Hwan

I think so…

No Hotaru > you :rofl:

You cannot espace the rape

I think it might be to hard to track who everyone played. I know I played Jae, Hotaru, Dong TG played Terry and Tizoc Jeebus played Hoku and Hellsap played Dong.

Interesting to note that about 3 people have told me now that me and Nagata’s Hotaru play almost exactly the same, weird.

i hate hotaru… :frowning:

I used. Hokuto FTW

My Gato’s finally good enough to use in a tourney to counter you damn Marco and Dong players. I look forward to getting raped in the next one :tup:

lol @ lando for losing to young_ice. I thought you were good?

Well if u knew what u were thinking u wouldn’t have thought that. /sandlot And I guess ur a prick now? That’s nice. Better not lose to Ic3 or myself anytime soon.

Your barely better then Hellsap yourself so you cant really talk much.

Uh… let’s not get crazy. Hellsap is barely better than me, nevermind in the same playing field as Lando or Lux. Lux is easily the best MOTW player I’ve come across online. Hellsap has a good runaway Kim Dong Hwan and that’s all AFAIC.

Thats not getting crazy thats stating the truth, he cant shit talk when him himself isnt actually THAT GOOD. Not to mention its onfuckingline.To be honest we all pretty much suck.

Lux is a monster on kaillera… Nevermore also.