2nd Local Tournament, Finished 2nd. Need your advice fellow Gen players, please



There was a dispute whether I should be allowed to play the 2nd local tourney, they eventually agreed because stronger opponents where in attendance, I won my first 3 matches then got to winners quarter final, vs a Bison player for some reason TC2 wasn’t working and I thought it was my controller and I couldn’t complete my BnB and I eventually lost.

Coming to the losers quarter finals during the button check I realised to my horror that the game was SUPER not AEv2012 and that was why I couldnt TC2, That hit me like a ton of bricks and I raged full of salt at the organizers. nothing was done so I had to lick my wounds.

Battling through losers wasn’t easy but I managed to get to the losers finals against the same Bison guy, we both fought hard and I managed to win.

Then Grand Finals I totally cracked under pressure and couldn’t jump in because I was being anti-aired so I got bodied. I felt so bad deep inside for losing like that.

I feel I have let myself down, but worse that I let you guys down, my SRK family, and I don’t deserve to be a Gen player, so I am going to quit playing. I want to apologise to everyone especially Nubbb.

Thanks guys . You guys are the best.

I quit SF4

Uhm, what the fuck did I just read?


Don’t worry about it. You’re playing a fighting game; you sometimes win, and you sometimes lose. Primary purpose of playing a game is to have fun IMO.

I lose all the time.


First off I think it’s pretty fucking disgusting that they were playing Super when you were playing AE last time. That’s such a failure on the organisers side, I wouldn’t take that shit at all.

Secondly, we all lose. I lose more than I win, I choke and drop simple combos, I screw up FADC combos erryday and I get salty a lot. But it’s part and parcel with playing FG’s.

Don’t quit, get back in the lab and completely annihilate them next time. I think they failed a lot more than you here.


what what what what? Don’t joke, man. If I had quit every time I lost… lol, I should have already sold my console a long ago. As Gen would say… train and then wreck them!


You were playing the shittiest version of gen all time you got second and you’re mad at yourself? You should be very happy that you went this far without most of gen’s main tools.


thanks guys.


Second tournament
You feel the tournament pressure
You almost win despite the tournament pressure
You want to quit?

There is this instinctive reaction to pressure commonly called “Fight or Flight” that we have from our early evolution that makes us think less and act more when threatened, and in a competitive setting a player will think less* about the opponent and play more repetitively due to habit and previous success. Most pro players have more mental prowess through experience and are less likely to crack, taking less risks and noticing patterns in their opponents play. This only comes with experience and unlike most games your experience bar fills faster when you lose.

Take it easy man, there are bigger fish to fry out there and I dont see you name dropping.

This mental state is also called “Being on tilt” or “Lizard Mode”.


You’re going to be okay and try again. Why wouldn’t you? It wasn’t really your fault.
But that Super version is a problem. I’m just wondering if would want to compete with others on that version? Probably not, Gen is already hard to play, I’m no masochist, hehe.


nah, I may not try again, from now on I am just going to play the role of an old man and seek enlightenment, find answers to questions and go on a journey of truth with Gen. watch out guys there maybe some fun stuff I might still discover8-)


Losing is a bitter medicine we must all taste. I do not cower before it.


I would consider a 2nd place finish at any tournament a victory.




I have a lot of respect for you tbh, and like Azndude said 2nd place is still really good especially considering you were unaware at first that you were playing Super (add to that you mentioned you beat the same Bison you fought before once you knew the version). I believe you are still a very good player and must be quite intelligent to be able to find these unblockable setups you’ve been posting, and I wish you luck on what you decide to do next.


please can i lick your balls too?


ewwww!!! get near me and all you will get is a zanei.


It `s ok my friend.
It just a game.
Anyway if I am your place I will satify with 2nd place finish at tournament.
Enjoy the game and old man… :slight_smile:


Old man? lol! thanks. I will enter the next one if they hold the tourney next month, I will use Triple H entrance as my theme song lol! or Edge


I would kicked up shit much more for that mistake, that’s a major screwup that can affect others, never mind yourself. I’d even go so far as to complain, that is just plain tardy.

And you’ve come 2nd place in a tourny which is a great achievement no matter the character.There’s no need for the melodramatics about quitting, you’ve already seen that you’re on the right track. Learn from your mistakes, carry on training and have your eyes on the next higher place.


Thanks man. that really means alot. I haven’t really played much AE recently, spending time meditating on getting better. I discovered that I have two major flaws as a player, one is patience and two is footsies. I cant punish wiffs on reaction and my mixup game is subpar, also my AA needs to be more on point. Although very soon I will hit the lab for more Gen research (mainly safejumps and option selects) so I am not quitting yet as it is.