2nd Man Killed By CockFighting Bird


BBC News - Man stabbed to death by weaponized cock


This should be a new sport altogether. Weaponized animals vs humans. Turtles turtle, heads-up.


Where that bird comes from, matters of pride are settled with a knife and the price of disrespect is your life. Welcome to the mean streets.


lmao… ppl holding them like dogs are somethin?

hahaha… I can see a mad Tv skit like this… Bird goes on murderous rampage, haha… and ppl still tryin to pet it n shyt

**************WHHOOOAAAAAA cut on his CALF! ps… new way to kill a niggaaaaa, haha


Why not attach a cannon to a lion’s back? Or a laser rifle to a gorillia’s arm? People are willing to die for cockfi…hehehe cock…cockfights but I have never been to one although Pedro Martinez said they are good way to celebrate latino history month…




Please tell me there is a video on youtube of this critter in action


I guess OSHA needs to get on labeling razor blades with warnings in Spanish.

And maybe rosters too.

As I see it.


It would be cute yet gruesome at the same time to just set him on the ground and watch him go…

Just drop that little nigga in the mall somewhere…

EDIT: What happened to the misleading thread title here, “2nd man killed by cock” would have been way superior… but the first guy got killed by a black cock(knife) to the throat… nothing will ever beat that…:rofl:


It’s even more awesome the second time.

Seriously though, where can I go to watch one of these? I mean a fight with roosters, not the cock fights that go on in the GD forums (hioooooo).


I know man I so wanted to do but I didn’t want to piss off the mods :sad:


I’m still lost at how a rooster can kill you even with razor blades, freak accidents indeed.


Someone should train these cocks into ninjas.

Ninja cocks.

Oh yeah.