2nd monthly Bomberman battle tourney

Don’t be confused… we didn’t play bomberman… it was just a tourney at ssbomberman’s place…

last tourney was spf2… w/ fmj winning the championship by beating me in a cointoss…(I should’ve called sides)

This month round, the game was round robin 3s
I forgot who beat who with some people

1 fmj
2 gbursine
3 ssbomberman
4 archetype
5 Guymelef
6 cuervo


1 X__W__W_W_L_W
2 L__X___W
3 L__L___ X_ ?__?_ ?
4 L__W___W_X_ W_W
5 W__W___L_ ?_ X__L
6 L__W___W_?__W__X

and on a sidenote, nate is no longer the bearded midget… hes now just the midget
another thing… fmj, I can’t find the slip of that mexican lady’s number/address… plz don’t throw it out if you find it… and don’t forget to collect your prize next time

That is incorrect i lost to Guymelef and he lost to josh i believe.

we should really run a bomberman tourney next time…i havent played that game for years…i really want to play it again