2nd round of Capcom's voting for MvC3 has started


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DLC voting has started. While your there make sure you give a vote to Black Panther! Would Love to see him and his wifey team up!


“2nd round of Capcom’s voting for MvC3 has started.”


If I could I would slap you across the fucking face right about now.


If you could maybe you should read the rest of the FREAKING POST IN THAT TOPIC!!!

“On Ask Capcom Live, Snow mentioned to Sven about the survey/poll & they ARE aware of them, they’re listening to your opinions, & it might have an impact on future DLC characters.”

Good god it’s like one freaking line down.


Strider and Rouge.


Ghost Rider!

Damn how much I hope for it each and every day.


I hate how there is a thread to post these things but these shitty threads keep popping up.


Listen to this man!

And yes, just because Capcom doesn’t endorse this, doesn’t mean they can’t take from it. :slight_smile:


I have that poster your avatar pic is from!


We Need votes!!

So far…it looks like Venom:mad::mad::mad::mad: and MegaMan X :cool::cool::cool: are leading the pack…my vote went to Gambit Silver Surfer and Psylocke for the marvel side and Mega Man X, Strider, and Sigma for Capcom. Knowing capcom DLC prolly going to go something like this…

Mega Man X wins votes…we get…classic style mega man for the 8th time.

Gambit Wins votes…we get…cyclops…

Strider wins votes…we get…captain commando.

I really hope dlc comes through.


As cool as it is to hope for who ever they want for DLC (Sigma and Dr. Strange baby!)…regardless of who it is, I don’t think it’s gonna change the populace of Dante’s, Sents, Wolve’s, Ryu’s, and Deadpool’s online.


Might is a polite way of saying they’ll add whoever they hell they want to add.


What, no Iceman?


i’ll never vote for megaman.


Yeah, this was already posted in the Wishlist thread. :slight_smile: