2nd try

this is my second av, what you think.

better than your other one.:smiley:

This one is better. but the edges are very messy, the font leaves alot to desired. it still looks very unfinished overall. keep trying.:cool:

is this better?

better. the font looks much better and you’ve put some animation in there as well. nice. with that said the bg is still poor and the font could be better. keep trying.:cool:

not to sound like im pickin on u, but seriously u make urself out to be some kind of professional already. Like i said before i wished u’d take ur own adivce more.

yeah, I’m trying to do that stuff.:stuck_out_tongue: I just want to help him.(since nobody else is) I’m not trying to sound like a master or anything. just trying to help.:cool:

thats exactly what i was trying to tell blue when i said “i dont like taking advice from people who cant make avatars”

instead of saying what I should/shouldn’t do, why don’t you two help the person who ASKED FOR IT.

To sound like I’m picking on you, I think what everybody is trying to say is that you suck.

This is silly, the guy is just trying to help someone out, and you jump down his throat. geez, it’s not like he was gloating or saying he was some pro av maker from heaven, he just gave a suggestion to someone. Jesus Christ, who knew giving someone advice and critiques was a crime?

Well it just kinda sucks when someone knows everything but can’t apply it themselves.

I can’t yell it any louder.
I can still have opinion on if it’s good or not though. and I can still give him advice. what’s really funny is that all you people ( instead of helping ArchangelRyu. the guy who asked for help and advice in the first place ) keep posting saying how I don’t have the right to talk and give advice because I’m not a master. try helping him instead of trying to prove I shouldn’t give advice and/or I suck at making avatars.

Hey buddy work on making borders and such. Might help u betta.

Don’t type in all caps at me man. Im just explainin my take on the situation on how they feel about you. How many times have I got on your case? None, because Im not like that. If you have a problem with what the people are saying, then maybe you should just stop what it is you are doing, or improve your situation somehow.

Yeah. I wasn’t trying to be rude to you. I was trying to make sure everybody could see that I never said I was some master at this stuff. well, I guess I’ll wait till I get a bit better before I give advie again.:stuck_out_tongue: peace.:cool:

Every c+c counts, and the best c+c are the reliable ones that come with experience. ur not exactly up to the level of great avatar making yet, but u are more experience than the person who asked advice. u gave him some c+c and thats cool.

its cool to give advice, and like i said, im not trying to pick on u. its just that… well each time i read ur advice they just come off as arrogant and somewhat of a show because u haven’t done allot of the things u’ve been tellin allot of people. Dont feel discouraged, but take this as advice.

ok. thanks for the advice.:slight_smile: and I’m sorry for sounding arrogant because I’m not trying to sound that way.

didnt know i was going to start a war. lol