2p stick Help.

Well since my search for a HSS-0130 is leading me nowhere, I’ve decided to venture into the research of making my own 2p stick.

Just a few questions I have for anybody that knows or owns a decent 2p stick.

  1. What is a reasonable distance to have between the two players controls?

  2. At what point do people consider a 2p stick to be too big?

  3. Is the distance between the controls on the HSS-0130 sufficient enough for even the larger of players?

  4. Trying to figure out the dimensions of the HSS-0130, searched with no results.

Thanks for your help.


This should be pretty close to accurate dimensions for the HSS-0130.
Its taken from a new astro city manual and adjusted for size based on dimensions I have for my astro city 2l12b panel. I’m going out tomorrow to buy mdf to get started on a poor man’s HSS-0130. Hopefully all goes well, If so I’ll be sure to share details.
This is the same panel with the proper joystick/button layouts per slagcoin. Its saved as a 72dpi png. If you load it in any image program should give you a good idea of dimensions.

You could always buy a arcade panel, and build the case to fit the panel.


Thanks for the help.
Hope your project goes the way you planned.

Thats a great idea, but kinda defeats the reason I’m building a stick in the first place. Those CP’s are way too much to invest in.

The panels aren’t really too much if you think about it you’re going to have to buy all the parts anyway. The parts alone would add up to almost the cost of one of those panels (which come with parts and art). The way I see it you can’t go wrong with a panel and its a good starting point for a case too.

Yea thats true, the control panels are a great starting point. But I just dont like the way cases look with the actual panel but missing the actual bezel.

Now if I could just get my hands on a blank bezel or even damaged one to restore then I would totally do that project.

But Ive searched for almost a year now and no luck on where I can acquire a blank panel.

What rtdzign was talking about was making your own bezel for it in which case you could make it look however you wanted it to. You wouldn’t necessarily have to have the panel showing. you could just mount the panel into wood for getting the layout and spacing right and put art over the top of it.

why not use lizardlicks 2L12B control panel? (http://www.lizardlick.com/pages/control_panels.shtml)

Yeah those control panels are great but, it still doesnt solve the whole plastic bezel needed to hold the panel.

I dont want to have a nice accurate looking panel then a not so accurate case around it.
I want to have that plastic case around it before I even consider getting the panel.

If i could find this or even one in not so great condition Id be a happy camper.

Ideal dimensions.

I have a hotrod se 2 player joystick set up. It seems like ideal dimesnsion to me. Reminds me of standard American layouts. I think it might need to be widened for a bit more room if the players are rowdy or large :blush:.

But here are the dimensions,
24 inches wide (61 cm), 11 inches (28 cm) deep, and 6 inches (15.25cm) tall