2V2 2 dollar tourney results BABY! at CF

Ok the results are 19 TEAMS OMG SO MUCH PEOPLE (where the fuck was jersey!!!)

1.Team SUnny side up Justin Wong with chun li and noel with elena

2.Team Bipolar Kofiend with Yang and helgenX with ken.

3.Team 718 anti-shoto and asian guy who likes to do hadouken antishoto was alex and the asian guy played ken. tie with 3rd with 718 is Team whatever is frankie using ken and his friend J with makoto.

THe format was hella random it was really fun. SHouts to everyone my head was lightheaded from all of that screaming after the tourney. Good shit to just with his "NEW " TRICKS ahem ::rollz eyes:: GGs to EVERYONE come to my next tournament I will post prior 2 weeks from the actual date.:encore::encore::encore:

Also sorry about holding it on the little cabinet had due to the buttons being broken sorry guys. The bracket will be uploaded soon just gotta wait for anakron for GG results and the brackets. :tup:

The format was single elimination and single game 2v2. If you feel you wanna do 3 v3 just let me know but for now its 2v2. The team format stays the same unless we get a shit load more people so speak up bitches.

HIGHLIGHTS- Team justin wong aka green tea and nohoho for getting through most of the tourney and beasting. :tup:


ERic is now known as ERX (ericks) lol :bgrin:

Antishoto didn’t punch the third strike machine!!!

Lil kevin from team fruitcake almost taking out team bipolar by a close margin.

Frankie affectively is known as a ken user for now on lol.

and just wait for anakron for more results.

3s teams:
Team Sunny side up: Justin (CH) Noel (EL)
Team Youtube: Dope (MA) James (OR)
Team We Win: Eric (UR) Kelwin (IB)
Team ADD/Bipolar: Kofiend (YA) HelgenX (KE)
Bloody Anal Rape: Vizard (YU) Adam (KE)
Team Bay Ridge: Greek (AK) Mikey (RY)
Team Tofu: Leo (UR) Jab (AL)
Team Rocket: Chico (OR) Eggy (KE)
Team Long Island: Bob (UR) Joe (KE)
Team TD: Tony (KE) Daemon (YA)
Team Fruitcake: Al (YU) Kevin (NE)
Team Justin Wong: Green Tea (KE) Nohoho (AL)
Team Hop Kwy: Flare (RY) Tinshi (OR)
Team 718: Merc7 (KE) Antishoto (AL)
Team Cocoa Puffs: Hold Dat (KE) Duke (DU)
Team Euphoria: Li (YA) Law (EL)
Team Whatever: Frank (RE) J (MA)

3s brackets

I just wanted to say that 3s was nuts. Tinshi did a really good job on rounding people up and running the tournament. I think you guys are ready for 3vs3.

Guilty Gear results:

  1. Team BFFs: Justin and Noel
  2. Long Island Crew: Bob and Joe
  3. White kids: Anakron and Greek
  4. Johnky: Mike and Johnny

GG teams:
Best Friends Forever: Justin (PO) Noel (Kamui)
Long Island Crew: Bob (KY) Joe (ED)
Team White Kids: Anakron (FA) GREEK (OS)
Johnky: Mike (JO) Johnny (KY)
Disciples of Wang Fire: CabinetSmasher (VE) DaiAndOh (SL)
Chicken Wings and Chopsticks: Hard Bread (RO) Alzarath (TE)
NYL: Jon Badwolf (RO) Zach Lightning (CH)

GG brackets

It was definitely short. If there are 8 teams or under, I’ll do round robin for the next one.

Gud Shit Tinshi 4 runnin that shit smoothly
GGs to all and im glad i got taken out by jwong and not jus sum random scrub lol, I MISSED JERSEY THERE< WUZ GUD??? And yea, i think we ready 4 3v3 next time

i didnt feel like spending 30 dollars, new pants > cf

idk why marlin didnt go

sergio… went to a show and hates cf when its raining

fran backed out for money prolly

good shit to anti-shoto for 3rd man, not suprised by top 2 but good shit anyway.

**Anakron, a correction 2 my partner’s name- he’s Merc7.

That’s “some asian guy who likes to do d. fwd- Hadoken” and surprised people in the first round, beating Bloody Anal Rape all by himself. Go figure…:wtf:

Also w/ Team Justin Wong it was Green Tea using Green Ken, Nohoho using red Alex. Beastly team I must say. Good effort almost taking down team ADD. That was insane.

With Team CocoaPuffs, it was HoldDat w/ Ken, Duke w/ Dudley. They had a chance to do it too.

GG to the teams we’ve played as well as everyone else who managed to attend.

Yea, my apologies for punching the machine :pray: But it was an intense fight w/ us vs Team LI, so I couldn’t hold myself :bgrin:…You’re right Tinshi, we were MAD LUCKY…:razzy:

But anyways, it don’t matter to me, be it 2v2 or 3v3 it’s all good. We just need to bring someone w/ a cam to record the matches n shyt.

Peacamos and hope to see you all dos semanas en la calle.


uhhhh also which urien player is leo id ont know any of the regulars by their first names lmao

More ppl for next GG tourney plz =o

**OHH I remember…Team Tofu was the first team that got knocked out hard. Leo was that urien who tried to do Eric Kim’s stuff right before the tourney started, but didn’t do too well.

If Eric came in the tourney, all hell would have broken loose- not to mention the fact that he would have painted a bullseye mark on my forehead for splitting games w/ him via casuals 1/2 an hour before it started.


Thanks for helping fill in the blanks AntiShoto.

It sounds like everyone enjoyed this. You’re damn sure there will be another one.

Well after speaking to some people in the IRC channel. I think i wanna get the top 4 recorded with microphone attachment to the machine. But I will need permission and some equipment which is what I am working on right now. For next tournament obviously. I need feed back though.


good shit to tinshi and anakron for throwing decent tournies in such short time…i entered both.

Guilty: eliminated by justin in first match; RO vs. PO is very bad match-up for me…back to the danger room for me

3rd strike: eliminated by justin in second match…not as bad as guilty tho…with more training i think i’ll beat his chun- some day…i mean, i was able to beat issei’s yun twice, so who knows?

overall i had fun :tup:

goos shit Tinshi and Anakron…tourney was fun

Sticks > me
J. Wong > me

Cocoa puffs> Cheerios :bgrin:

GG`s everyone in the 3s tourney even tho it wasn’t comfy on the small cabinet. And the 3v3 sounds interesting. See you guys in the next tourney. :slight_smile:

Good shit everyone, 'til next time.

Loser bracket for 3S next time =(.

lmao i didnt get what was so funny at the tourney when team cheerios were up. the opposing team was team cocoa puffs lol. but nah, hold dat…

Team Cheerios > Team Cocoa Puffs :smiley:

oh yeah, it would be much better if the tourney was held in the big monitor. it was too cramped and i always do much better in the bigger one.

There were some buttons that were broken on the 2p side of the big cabinet.

yeah i heard people were saying that and there were some problems but when i played again, there was nothing wrong with it. its usually the middle button to do the ex-buttons but i was able to do all moves fine.

yes…rematch definately

i took up all the space at that small machine anyway…so i got the elbow room edge from the jump lol