2v2 Fun Tourney Time! Feb. 17th, Wed


To most of you who live nearby I have already mentioned this idea. But for everyone else and those who are interested I have arranged the season’s format.

The idea is to have 2 on 2 tournaments either every week or bi-weekly, depending on attendance and interest. The fun catch to this is that every tournament, you will have to partner up with someone new whom you haven’t partnered up with before.

This is really just my idea for competitive practice sessions, and not to have pot prizes involved. Having a different partner each week is not fair to lay money down for.

Each week I will keep track of each individual player’s scores and results. At the end of the season, the player’s scores will then decide the seating chart for a singles tourney where money will be involved for pot prizes.

How the scoring system works:

In order to sign up for the first time, you must show up with a partner who will be your teammate to start off the season. Players on a team will be categorized as either A or B. The A players from a team will play other A players, and B will play B. Since the 2 on 2 tourney will prevent every A and B player from playing each other, they will have to play each other separately outside of tourney. Every win a player gets will count as a point. After the results of a tourney, the next week will switch half of the A players into B, and half of B will become A. Once a new mix of A and B players are concluded, then every player will get to choose a new partner to play with that week(A teams up someone from B). This cycle continues until an even number of games have been played by everyone, and everyone has played everyone at least once.

How does Wednesday nights work? If not a week night, then it what weekend day works best?

And most importantly…Who wants in?


I like it, I work until midnight on Wednesday nights though so would not really be able to be in the tournament. My free days are thurs/fri/sat.


You live too close for me not to show up. I’m down!


Wednesday is a pretty good day for me, I generally dont work wednesday but I do on thursday so as long as it doesnt run TOO late I’ll be down. Weekends are a no-go for me.


Nice, you’re starting this up sooner than I thought. Game on.


Interesting idea. I’m down.


Sounds fun, I’m in for this and Wednesday should be fine. Are we locked into a character for the whole season?


Man, north of Seattle is becoming/has become the hot spot. Sorry to say I can’t attend. Way to far to drive. Great idea though.


Add me to the list


Wednesday’s are prefect for me.


Fuck the 2v2

What is up with the HAIR MATCH

Give the people what they want.


Depending on when assignments are due next quarter, I’m definitely down.

When will this start? I’ll be in socal until the new year.


I can’t help that either I am Nick’s doppleganger, or he is mine. I think it’s very eerie, not only that we look similar with the hair and all, but also that I’ve never spoken a word to him. I feel like it’s bad for us to even be in the same room. haha.

Well first we should figure out how frequently people wanna have sessions at my place for the tourney.

Weekly or Bi-weekly? I offer Bi-weekly because it’s on a weeknight and people may not wish to come out every week in gas money to play in Edmonds.

As things are for me right now, I work at 6:30am Mon-Fri so I would prefer not to have people over past midnight at the latest. I do not expect this to be big since it is on a week night and I don’t know how many people are willing to come out. So I am hoping that starting around 6-7ish would give plenty of time for all the necessary matches and end early enough.


Hmm since you mentioned gas money… maybe bi-weekly is better lol. The start time of 6 or 7 sounds good to me though.


I’m down for twice weekly!..but I’m also down for weekly…Tanaka you are the man for doin this I am down for anytime any day…lookin for a partner (Eman, Elias, Doug…people who live near me)

edit hahaha just named team reset demon.


uhh id be down as long as i could carpool and i dont work that day…


I’m down for wednesdays.


this sounds fun and I’m down for Wednesdays, but it needs to be biweekly for me go.


Alright then, how about this:

The 2v2 tournaments are going to be bi-weekly, however there will be practice sessions at my place, every Wednesday in between. So for anybody that can and wants to come over every week, we can practice on the Wednesdays in between bi-weekly 2v2 tourneys.

I wanna make practice sessions a mix between playing each other in arcade mode with 3 out of 5 rounds, and in versus mode 2 out of 3 rounds with 2 out of 3 sets.


Yes! Arcade mode. You have sparked something I was thinking about recently. I think its a good idea to push a single character so people start thinking outside of their boxes in tough situations. I was thinking about the last time I played Jared, I felt like he caught on to me and figured me out for a bit. I switched to Balrog to try to get him off guard, and it WORKED, for ONE match. He adapted again and I felt at an overall loss. I realized afterwards I shouldn’t of switched my character, but my playstyle.