2v2 Partner


Hey Shoryuken community,well I’m new here,I don’t really go on the forums much so yeah… I’m actually hoping this game gets a big spark so the forum gets more active,on the other hand I’m looking for a 2v2 partner to practice with on Quick match.

If you would like to add me I would first like to point out that I have a Vita so I’m forced to share emails with my bro,sadly with a PSN I don’t like (I’m a girl when it comes to name/color/costume/etc.)

Also if you would like to be my main partner for future tournaments and such I’m in the Pasta Stadium League,I currently web design for the site,doing collabs with another person. The community is really nice and they try to help new players to,so advertising at the same time.

I’m not really a picky type of person,any chill cool person I don’t mind as a partner,but I wouldn’t mind a Parappa/Kat (future main) partner,on the other hand anyone else is fine,just not much of a big fan of Kratos,hogs all the fun to himself. :frowning:

PSN: Sharpshotjiggles
Characters: Toro (Main),Jak (Secondary,rarely play)

ONE MORE THING! I’m not really good at this at all,I’m still basically learning basic commands,I’m still trying to learn the ancient arts of rolling and evading… I usually can only dodge for example Parappa’s level 2 until he has a couple seconds left


Feel free to add me. I main Ratchet I also play Parappa/Drake and I learning Emmett :slight_smile: psn: kindafresh


I’m not sure why I didn’t see this thread earlier. I’m down to play too if you’d like. I’m learning Kat currently and play Drake/Raiden.<br><br>PSN: <font style=“font-size:12px;font-weight:bold” color="#000000" face=“Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>Johnathan_Doe</font>


Really old thread,but now I main Big Daddy and play Jak quite often now<br>


I could use a partner. I’m getting bored of all the FFA stuff. I play mostly Kat in 2v2 games. I can switch to other characters if need be. <br><br>PSN: AlterGenesisOP<br>


I play from time to time, main Radec and learning Emmet.<div><br></div><div>PSN: DiekStiekem</div>


I play Sweet Tooth

PSN: So_Much_Sauce


Add me if you like although I prefer UK only people on my list and I play PSABR on Vita

Location: You guessed it - England

PSN - Turtleing


Any1 wanna 2v2, thats good…Contact me
Make sure you state that your from the site looking for 2v2 partner

  • SupraDupaFitedFS (I have a 5 Star Dante :D)