2x Agetec DC Sticks & MVC2 (dc) MINT

for sale i have

2 Agetec Dreamcast Sticks up for sale.
$40/ea or $70 for both +shipping

Marvel Vs Capcom 2 (US version) Mint Condition
$30 shipped (US)

NAKI Dreamcast VGA Adaptor
$30 shipped (US)

PM me for images. be sure to include your email address. i ship worldwide!


PM sent.

I’ll take the VGA adaptor

sticks sold!


Man, I wish I had the money for those sticks, that was a good deal!

grrrr! where’s that fist-shaking emote when you need it!

Money sent for the VGA adapter.


I’ll take that copy of marvel if you still have it.

I’m not too familiar with the dc, but those sticks are the official ones that are green I think they were? If u still have one ill take it.