2x Fightpads + 1 PS3 (Lag Issue)

Hi, new to forum so forgive me if this has been covered but ive done my share of searching this problem here and on google. Some lightly linked issues but not my exact problem, so here goes…
I have a PS3 about 4 months old so relatively new, bought 2 New + Sealed Ken/Ryu Madcatz SF4 Fightpads, I use the Ken pad/dongle primarily/online without any lag issues whatsoever. My friend likes to play vs me on weekends so i plug the Ryu dongle in for him(PS3 now has 2 dongles active in the front 2 USB ports) but in game suddenly he(Player 2) has horrible input lag/unable to play while my Ken pad responds flawlessly, I try turning PS3 off and on and use his pad as P1 keeping my Ken pad off til character select. After turning Ken pad back on, making me P2, the lag evens out effecting both of us but not as severe, it is playable but nothing compared to how responsive using the Ken pad only. If anyone has encountered this prob or knows a solution to getting both pads responding laglessly(?) as their branded “No Input Lag” boasts would be great. All i can think of is maybe because i have 2 dongles in the same ps3 sending signals in the same room it is effecting P2’s input?

Extra info in case needed/asked:
Both dongles when plugged into front USB ports are solid Red (I’ve read blinking red lights indicate a fault)
PS3 is the 320GB model
Yes i have deleted and reinstalled games to no avail
Mostly play SF3:3rd Strike + Ultra SF4 on occasion. (Both downloaded from PS-Store)
Have tried all 3 modes on both pads: LS DP RS
Both pads have brand new long lasting batteries
Ryu pad alone used as primary has no lag, just as Ken pad alone has.

Anything ya need to know ill reply asap and any help/suggestions, much appreciated. Thanks

The wireless Street Fighter 4 fight pads for the PS3 are terrible any ways.

What more likely happening (or what I assume any ways from reading your posts) is the 2 fightpads are interfering with each other wirelessly, as the two pads are both are more than likely the same radio frequency/channel and its only their wireless packet headers are the only thing that different on the 2 wireless fightpads.

Solution is stop using both fight pads at the same time, if you ask me give up on both pads.
And before you tell me they aren’t radio they are bluetooth, please keep in mind bluetooth operates on Radio aka RF. Bluetooth is just the digital protocols for bluetooth devices.

Yea im pretty sure you’re right, i have a ps3/ps4 venom stick which ill probably go back to since its wired, my mate blistered his thumb using the ps3 d-pad so he needs the fightpad. Only i cant for the life of me do supers (QCF,QCF,K/P) on a stick, even after watching a 30min youtube vid “how to use an arcade stick on 3rd Strike” + 2 weeks practicing id be lucky to pull out a Shoryuken im that bad, might need to mod the stick itself, very small. anyway cheers for the reply Dark, confirmed my suspicions