2x PS3 Madcatz custom TE Rnd 2's, Cthulhu board, sanwa TE snap buttons etc


I’ll only ship in Continental US, I’m a trust worthy seller I can link you my ebay feedback if needed. I accept paypal only.

All prices are negotiable, don’t be afraid to offer lower.

PS3 stick Custom artwork + plexi plate from Art’s hobbies - Vega stick, clear white bubble top, “shoryuken” arrow dust cover no shaft cover. Some scuffs here and there from use, plexi is perfectly good.


PS3 stick Custom artwork from the walking dead comic of Andrea + full plexi plate from art’s hobbies(covers the entire top of the stick), white ball top, clear dust cover no shaft cover. Pretty much pristine, uses seimitsu clear buttons which are hot glued in because the nut included with the button doesn’t hold them in, I no longer have the nuts, they’re in solid and don’t budge, the artwork is glued into the button with a glue stick so they can be removed if needed and nuts are cheap.


The art on both of these is very crisp, no errors or mistakes.


Asking 90$ each for the TE’s, I’ll throw in the white snap buttons and ball top + dust washers as extra if you buy both.


I figure about 140 each for the TE’s, price negotiable.


Bump I’ll take 320 for everything shipped.


I’ll do $120 each for the TE’s and $30 for the cthulhu board, $15 for all of the buttons.


Is the Cthulhu an MC?
Is $30 shipped?

If so on both accounts, I’ll take it.


Shipping on the sticks will be 10$, buttons and cthulhu board is 5$.

EDIT: Yes it’s the PS3/PC MC board.


Cthulhu sold.


Thanks. Can’t wait for that! Dreamcast, PS2, PS3, PC mod for my HAPP… Makes me HAPPy…</cheese>


I’ll do 100$ for the TE’s, you pay shipping.


Would you trade for art???
I’m an artist, but I can’t really afford spending money and I would kill for a joystick, since the one I got isn’t working anymore.
If you’re up for it, I’d be willing to make a 20x16 painting of your choice in exchange for 1 of your TE’s. Don’t matter which one as long as it’s in perfect working condition. My default picture is a painting I’ve done, and I sell my stuff for 150+ dollars local and statewide. Let me know if you’re interested dude!


Are both of the PS3 sticks, Round 2 TE’s or TE-S?


PS3, Round 2 TE’s, not the S model.




Bump 90$ for the TE’s.


Bump 80$ shipped.


I’ll take 70$ for the TWD stick.


Lmao should have taken my offer when you had the chance.


Is the TWD stick 70 shipped??? If so, I’ll take it… PMd…


Your offer was for the Vega one animefan.


Payment sent for the TWD TE.