2x QCF Problems

I don’t know why but i still have problems with moves that have 2x QCF motion if i am on the left side of the screen. i don’t have problems on the right side. i can do a on reaction ultra easely. but for the left side i sometimes have trubles even comboing ryu’s dp fadc ultra…
i have been playing this game for 5 mounths now and always played with characters that had 2x QCF and trained almoust everyday with combos and situations. i can do 1 frame links pretty easy but when it comes to doing this move… well its a nightmare especialy when a ex dp comes out or ex falling sky…
any sugestions except practice some more because that i already am doing.

no suggestions.

Training mode: Show inputs.

the best way to get proficient is to just practice it (qcfx2xx3p) by itself a few times every day. by itself, it’s probably really easy tho. my only tip is that the biggest problem usually is hitting your 3 punch while you’re at down forward, not forward. so always make a mental note to end on FORWARD.

but yeah, after that, the hard part is getting it after dp->fadc. it’s alot of stuff in your mind to do at once. so, the best way to separate the ultra and the dp-> fadc in your mind. you can register that in your brain by practicing dp->fadc by itself - alot. by separating the two your mind won’t be overwhelmed with alot of movement at once. once you can separate these two movements in your mind, after the dp->fadc, and you recover from the dash, your mind should be able to perform the ultra with more clarity (still, be sure to end on forward)

good luck

this is the input for most supers/ultras:
notice how it’s actually not qcf x2? if you have a square gate joystick just ride the gate from :d: to :df: then do :d::df::r:

you’re getting srk’s because you’re not inputting the :r: before pressing the appropriate button. practice in training mode with inputs showing.

not having problems fadc-ing. i do not hit the 3 buttons to early because i hit them after i do the motion so i don’t get Foword+3p but fowrord, 3p. i know about the show imputs and i know i do a lot of mistakes. sometimes i get even ups. the thing is when i do the motion it feels like i am doing it the corect way. when i do the motion from a standing position its pretty easy especialy if i am not trying to do it on reaction. but when i try to do it from a back+down position or very fast it seems really hard.
i gues it can be the stick to since its a cheap 10$ one…


Sit down on your ass, for 4 hours straight in training mode with show inputs.

Be sure it isn’t a half assed motion, or a late/early punch button press.

Practice slow first, then fast, remember, it’s muscle memory!

practice makes perfect.

It sounds like you’re pressing the 3 punch/kicks too early, but if the problem really is in completing the 2xQCF, I visualize drawing 2 small circles in the lower right quadrant of the square gate (if using a stick).

What does the Show Inputs option say when you try to execute this in a combo in training mode? Because you might feel like you’re doing it right, but obviously you’re not, which means you need to turn that option on and see what’s wrong.

ill be honest, i had the same problem (I still have it to an extent) but the answer to any question like this is simple. practice, practice, practice

Simple execution error - This is going to sound painful, but practice that move several times before actually playing the game, each time you pop it in.