$3,000 SF4 Tournament in Sweden

Dreamhack, the largest LAN in the world, is one of the first major European tournament organizers to announce tournaments for SF4.

The first tournament will be April 10-12th, in Gothenborg, Sweden with a prize purse of $592.5, and the second event will be the Summer event, June 13-16th, in Jonkoping, Sweden, with a prize purse of $2,370.

More info can be found here (albeit in Swedish): http://www.dreamhack.se/dhgbg09/news/573-dreamhack-fighting

Those wanting to play should email bokning.dreamhack.se with their Name “nickname” Lastname, phone number, and email address.

If you guys need more info let me know.

Damn can the rules be like translated? I can’t really read it lol

It looks like it’s basically just the info on the tourney, I don’t see complete rules anywhere else on the site. The rest is just about the expo (which looks pretty awesome).

Yes just basic info yet.
"Street fighter IV is this years hottest fighter in all categories and now we are taking the game into our e-sport section and will be on the Dreamhack on tour 2009 with arranged tournament and nice prizes. We are already starting in Skellefte and continues of course in Dreamhack Gteborg in april and then it will be season finals on Dreamhack summer 2009 in Jnkping. The total value of the prizes during the season is 25000SEK so start practicing combos and moves right now!

During Dreamhack Skellefte III this weekend you can win a Limited Edition Collector’s Edition of the game, on Dreamhack Gteborg there are prizes for 5000SEK to fight for and if you come to Dreamhack summer 2009 the prizepott is whole 20000SEK

Game:Street Fighter IV
Format: 1on1
Platform: XBOX360
Dreamhack Gteborg 2009 - Prizes of 5000sek value
Dreamhack summer 2009 - Prizes of 20000sek value
Registration: We are opening registration right now! Send a email to register[at]dreamhack.se and follow the format below!

Subject: Registrering till Street Fighter IV DreamHackGteborg/DreamHack Summer 2009
Namn “nickname” Surname

Book your place on booking.dreamhack.se

The tournament is played on console and monitors in a tournamnet area. Bring your own pad or joystick."

Sounds like fun.

You do not need to book a spot to Dreamhack to participate in the SF4 tournament.
Day tickets will do just fine.
Day tickets costs 70 SEK if you buy it from the web and 100 SEK at the door.