(3/02/10) 8otB Weekly #46


Another great tourney from the Break.

1: Rahsaan (Gen)
2: RicoSuave (Abel)
3: SmoothViper (Boxer, Zangief)
4: Damdai
5: Ryder
5: MarlinPie
7: Liston
7: Mike Infinite
9: Kazuya
9: Meyhem
9: Wetbucket
9: PhillyOne
13: JSZombie
13: Dizzy
13: Dynicksty
13: CantBuyWins
17: Aqua
17: HackerMike
17: Eugene
17: Diego Umejuarez


I’m disappointed One and Ryan…


I thought Jersey was on top? Did Rahsaan use Gen the whole tourney? If so… :pray:





No, the character listings are all fucked up. Rahsaan used Dhalsim, Zangief, and Akuma, mostly sim. Maybe Gen once in the grand finals. Rico used Abel and Seth. Smooth used Sagat, Zangief, and Boxer, mostly sagat.


i used Gen only in GF and eric mostly used Sagat just ask marlinpie lol.


Good shit rahsaan! :tup:


shout outs to everyone, except Diego. FUCK THAT GUY!


my excuse…

I’m a victim of counter picking :smiley:

Which one is the most annyong counter picking for gief+balrog?

I mean not only for gief but also for balrog?

plz dun say the answer is gat…

oh fuck, wth i’m talking about now lol


Seth ass reams both gief and balrog, but you have to put the time and effort into him to master those matchups, while not getting hit because they both can kill him in about 2 mixups off of a knockdown.


will you train me?


sure get a mic and i’ll have an easier time showing u how to beat gief with seth on xboxlive


I’m glad to see that Top 4 is dominated by NY. Go New York!