3/04: MD/DC/VA Monthly: 3S, MvC2, CvS2, GG#R, T5, SC3, DOA4

Date: March 04, 2006.

The date has been moved to allow more time after Jinmaster’s tournament, and not enough planning for the 2/25 date.

Tourney Location:
C3CyberClub 571-323-1091
46950 Community Plaza - Suite 201A
Sterling, VA 20164

**Time: All 2D games will start at 4pm. All 3D games will start at 6pm.
CvS2 : PS2 (subject to change based on equipment availibility)
MvC2: DC
3S: PS2
GGX2 #R: PS2
SC3: PS2
DOA4: Xbox360

TV’s/Systems/ and Games are needed. Discounts are available. Contact me. We NEED two DOA4 stations and two GGX#R stations… as I have none of that equipment.

Also… if you have a DC VGA adapter… PLEASE bring it!!

Tourney Fees:

Tourney entrance fee: 10$

Venue Fee for 1 Game: 5$

Venue Fee for multiple games: 7$
(these are one time fees. if you play 4 tourneys, you’ll pay 7 bucks. 1 tourney, 5 bucks, etc)

Try not to gripe about tourney fees plz. It is a business, and it’s not profitable to let 60 play play games for 8 hours at 2 dollars a head.

All matches will be 2of3, save Grand Finals, which will be 3 of 5.

Payout per tourney:
<10 entrants 75/25
10-20 entrants: 70/20/10
over 20 entrants 65/20/10/5
over 50 entrants 64/19/9/4/2/2

Coming Next Month: SSBM, and "old school game of the month"
also, venue fee will likely increase to 10$ In comparison, CPU usage is 6 bucks an HOUR. So we’re getting the cheap rate. k, thx.

if this is the real one then that means theres no monthly for feb :sad:

Hrm. Hopefully people will be able to make it to this one still.

Alright, the venue fee does not bother me, but what does bother me is that MvC2 was on one of the smallest tvs in the place. If I do recall GG had both the brand new tvs.

Im sorry to say but most of the people who come for MvC2 do not bring anything(sometimes no joysticks, DCs, and never any tvs(my 13 inch is too weak)). If you can gurantee that all the games has a chance of getting a decent tv, I’d be more than happy to raise the price to $10.

I definently suggest on moving some of the things around in the room. The two big screens were right in front of the door, making the doorway more congested then my intestines. Maybe the big screens can be pushed against a wall? Or maybe moved to the back of the place near the windows.

And the location of the pool table is more random than a donkey swimming in a pool of jello.

edit -

dont get SHOT!!!

I mean I’m off and everything which is good but…**10 dollar fee to get in?! **What kind of crazy malarky? What is this some sort of gaming monopoly?! I don’t pay that much when I go into my local arcade! This is just uttterly ridiculous. Even 7 dollars for multiple tournaments is too much. My god…is Bill Gates gonna be there cuz damn. I guess I’ll definitely be entering Guilty Gear along with 3rd Strike this time. But man…tell somebody to bring down those fees. I mean…it’s not like I work at a bank. :razzy:

What do you mean? MVC2 was on the crappy tv like it should have been. Sorry man…if it ain’t 3rd Strike it don’t belong on the big screen. :lol: I vote # Reload and 3rd Strike for big screens at the March monthly.

All will be considered.

Actually. I was planning on hooking up DCs to monitors (provided I get enough VGA adaptors… I have one already). So, while they won’t be super huge tvs… marvel can have as many stations as its wants. and in non crowded areas (like the back room)

I will forward the feedback to the owner.

GG on big screen :confused:



but yeah, don’t start drama.

All you have to remember about my feedback is to make sure 3S is on the big screen. If it’s not I’ll start holding people’s Tekken 5 sticks hostage until I get what I want. :lol:

oh shit Eric, run away, with your stick. haha

You know it’s better than MVC2. :tup:

10$ fee for tournaments? That all goes to the prize money right?

If I win GG again, I’m gonna buy dohnuts for anyone who entered.

GG on a big screen:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: ummmm no. thats reserved for probably 3s, marvel or 3s, cvs2. no matter what the tournout for the games are.

wait let me get this straight. i can play all games for only seven bucks. but if i only wanna play one game its gonna cost me five bucks.

also people. label your shit. if its yours, make sure other peeps know it. i obviously know mine since no one else has the same sticks. if i dont know u and u ask to use my shit. the answer is a no.

plus what is needed for cvs2. i can bring both a dc or ps2 along with the game.

Run like a motherfucker:sweat:

just because its too hard for some people to learn mvc2 and less take the effort to do so doesnt mean that GG is a better game. i mean people i know picked that shit up and started going to tournies in less than a week.

Here’s a question: is the $10 fee what each person puts into the pot, meaning that if 10 people enter a tourney there will be $100 to be won and that the $5 fee is to walk in the door? Or is it the opposite way, the $10 fee is just to walk in the door and entering a tourney then costs $5 more?

Yes Grygwen, the 10$ Tourney fee all goes to the winners. So, 10 people 100$ prize pool… etc.

Yes, PVFP, you’re right about the fees for this time… And if we can get a bunch of VGA converters, I’ll do CvS2 on DC… but for now it’s looking like PS2.

The Big Screens will be for different games.

When the tourney starts, we’re doing 2d games only for two hours. Big screens will have those. After that, we probably will switch them over to the 3d games. It depends on turnout, and time. Also, it will be up to me. :smiley:

K, Thx.

Sweet, the date changed. IIght, I may roll over to this one. See where my skillz lie within the 2d fighters (mad respect, 2d is much better than 3d by far).

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Okay, I have two quick suggestions.

Can NGBC actually have a tournament this time?

And can SC3 be done in NOT team tournament style? Last time I ended up playing out the rest of the sets representing MD because halfway through the team tournament for SC3 the rest of my team either quit or was busy in other tournies. I gotta give props, Whodat, Millionz et al are good, but I’m not feeling SC3 team tourney this time mostly because it just didn’t really seem to feel thorough ( not to mention that a lot of the good SC3 MD based players I know didn’t show ), it should just be good old fashioned singles, mano e mano, gotta step my X game up. Also hopefully this time I won’t get my shit smashed by DOACentral cats in DOA4…:sweat:

If we can get 8 entries for it, I’ll run it. You’re #1.

SC3 will be singles.