[3/05/10] NYC Chinatown Fairs - SFIV 2v2 Tournament #3 @ 8pm

Alright guys,

We had yet aother great 2v2 weekly, #3 is on its way! Pre-registration is at 7pm (prospective players: let me know if this is this a good date/time) btw people were asking why we were having a 2v2 on Fridays- because there’s usually conflict with other tournaments on Saturdays - and plus, Friday night is a good night because stronger players usually come on Fridays.

Street Fighter IV 2v2 8pm

Chinatown Faris - 8 Mott Street, New York, NY

Entry fee is $20 per team (for more payouts)
Double Elimination - 2/3 Rounds 1 set
Losers/Winners/Grand Finalas 2/3 Sets
You are responsible for paying per play since it is the Arcade
Payout will be winner takes all if 10 or less teams enter, 70/20/10 if more than 10 teams enter, less than 5 teams = no tounament

This is a great way to test your skills against some of the best players in NYC

Let me know who’s down so I can make a pre-registration list - please provide your name/handle with what characters you and your teammate are using, so that after the bracket is set, we can try to keep you on so that you’d save a buck or two.

Yours truly,

someone should run 3rd strike on this day too.

hey we should get someone to record some of the matches. ill be there for sure this week

I’m gonna start running weekly 2v2 ether this sat or the next.

Edit: 3s tournament is this Saturday.


no cammy right? no go for me :smiley:

I will be missing out on this one. See you guys next week.

My bad Andy the 3s tournament is meant for Saturday.