3-1-09 Tallahassee SF IV Tourney Results

  1. Ron (Kryian) Sakura
  2. Andy (Ben Damon) Gief
  3. MB ( Spicules) Balrog
  4. Mike C. (Sun Ra) Balrog
  5. Mike D. (GuileMike) Honda
  6. Matt (Esjihn) Akuma
  7. Dante () Ken
  8. Adam (Chuckles) Sakura
  9. Nic (Lycanthropy) Rose
  10. Mike B. () Abel

You should have used Guileā€¦Or changed your name to HondaMike, that threw your game all outta wack.

either way i was gona lose, still not use to IV, stuck back in oldschool days, and old school tactics can only go so far in this one