3/1 Rutgers Results Jerry Hong is Back!


Upset about placing last place a couple weeks ago Jerry Hong unleashed a fury not seen by many since the infamous blowing up at Todd at the Break weekly. This tourney just happened cause mad heads showed up and was like let’s do this wasn’t really planned. Oh the one next week (3/8) has been postponed for a little due to problems (i need to get a suit for a wedding and only day i can do it :D), so post when you want to have it (after spring break which is 15-22) and I’ll try to have it.

CVS2 (13 people!!):

  1. Robert Sigley K - Yun/King/Chang, K-Todo/Dan/Joe
  2. Jerry “Legacy Lives On” Hong A - Geese/Sakura/Bison
  3. Erick Jackson C - CBS
  4. John Chimel A - Rolento/Ken/Rugal

MVC2 (10 people):

  1. Jerry Hong - Double Wolverine/Sabretooth, Megman/Roll/Servbot, Magneto/Cable/Cyclops
  2. Byron Porter - Magneto/Cable/Commando, Storm/Sent/AAA
  3. Robert Sigley - Capt. America/Ken/Son Son
  4. Jared Frith - Magneto/Cable/Blackheart

there was also a Soul Calibur 2 tournament I dunno what happened tho


Howcome none of The Break/Menlo regulars were informed?