3/1 State College Results


  1. Shawn Mowery “Monkey” - MSP
  2. Rich DeLauder “FMJaguar” - Sent/Cable/Capcom
  3. Jarvi Carrasquero “QuakeII_Best” - Storm/Cable/Capcom
  4. Sean Hengcua “gbursine”
  5. Vin Nguy “Alphastorm”
  6. Sunny Siu “IPlayCvS2”
  7. Dan Davies “Dangief”
  8. Andy C. “ssbomberman”


  1. Sunny Siu “IPlayCvS2” - Chun Li
  2. Vin Nguy “Alphastorm” - Ken
  3. Jason Salvano “JMS” - Dee Jay
  4. Rich DeLauder “FMJaguar”
  5. Jarvi Carrasquero “QuakeII_Best”
  6. Dan Davies “Dangief”
  7. Shawn Mowery “Monkey”
  8. Andy C. “ssbomberman”

Just some notes:

Missed chase and dennis this weekend, i was hoping to take advantage of the situation and steal marvel, but i just couldn’t stay ahead of monkey’s magneto, i think my practice in the arcade ended up hurting me… but i’d rather lose at a higher level thanto keep things secret and win (at least without money involved :slight_smile: ) he adjusted vs sentinel just the way he needed to, and i never really got control of the match. Thanks to everyone that came out!

Sunny takes (i believe) his first tournament, in perhaps the toughest game to win in. His game has been improving week to week and the results are coming, taking out last week’s champion and almost everyone else through the brackets. Is this a preview of the CvS2 tourney?? we’ll see

JMS’s recent switch to Dee Jay provided us a new look and some intresting matches, placing 3rd overall. Must i switch to Fei Long next tourney to get revenge… only time will tell.

Next week is spring break so with almost every player gone there will be no tournaments. Look for something good on 2/15, i hear new equipment will be installed, with the first xx tourney the week after, I look forward to the 2nd half of the semester, hopefully we will have some new faces and some great matches.

-If anyone is intrested in making a trip up please PM me for details, our tournaments are formatted for local players, we may adjust the games/format/time/place/$$ for people that are travelling, but only if we know in advance. Thanks.

I’m feelin goodness for sunny and fmj. Sunny gets first, and fmj finally beats 3rd in mvc2(maybe everything?). At the same time, I wanna slap myself for forgetting how to block while watching ahvb’s getting shot at my characters.(total dumbness):confused:

I also got 2nd in ST a few weeks ago, however unlike the ST placining i didn’t beat anyone i normally lose to, and was exposed another few times. I was afraid of that, but it was the best plan I had at the time… but I definately have some work to do if i plan to win with everyone present next time.

Good games to everyone! Especially to all the peeps who took me out. Things are getting interesting. Everyone is improving which = more fun :slight_smile:

sup sup…have a console tourney for GGX2…doctors recommend pad over arcade stick 3 to 1. Argh, no one plays marvel anymore…except Josh and Damian, since they’re mvc2 butt buddies :smiley:

p.s. GO EDDIE!!

we are, we just don’t know when since xx is new to us, we’re having xx/mvc2 and ST/cvs2 on alternate weekends. If the players want somethign else we can work that out, pm me or look on State College thread in atl north.