3/11/06 So.Cal Interface 3v3 3s Results

This was an awesome tourny…I’ll be working a lot on the vid since Im still not done with Ranbat 2.4 Best Bout…the players just keep getting better and better!!! :looney:

There were 15 Teams of 3 that entered the tournament (45 players total)

Here are the results:

1st Place - “Secret Team” - Alex Valle (Ryu sa3) Rockefeller (Urien sa3) Amir (Chun Li sa2)

2nd Place - “Team Jujimufu” - Shadini (Chun Li sa2) Sex-Taro!!! (Makoto sa1&2) Pyrolee (Yun sa3)

3rd Place - “Team EdMasters” - Gootecks (Urien sa3) MutantXP (Necro sa3) Edma (Ken sa3)

4th Place - “Tom & Jerry!” - Jerry (Ken sa3) Jeremiah (Chun Li sa2) Arlieth (Makoto sa1 & 2)

so many ups and downs in the tournament…but a lot of great matches…I really think everyone is just getting better at 3s…I’ll do my best to get this out as soon as I can :sweat:

Thanks to all the players who came out and participated in the 3on3 SBO quals warm up tournament…see ya at Ranbat 2.5…to the guys out there that are going out to Texas Showdown next week, Good Luck!!!..We’ll see you when you get back for West Coast SBO 4 Quals! :wink:

Amir in the end…OMFG. Way too good.

omg pyro and sex teamed up and still lost to ROCKEFELLERs team.

Do does this mean that Roc is back into 3s?? :wonder:

Haha, Rockefeller is just hot stuff like that.

for real, has the legend comeback for to show how it’s done

Good games and good times last night. Can’t wait for the video.

Wow, Amir/Rock/Valle won! I knew I should have stayed for the end and skipped sleeping…good times all around (except on the inside cabinet. :^)
I can honestly say I can’t wait for the vid. :^)

Mike Z

the king is back?!

Finals were nuts. AMIR is BEASTLY.

john d. for president.

i’m telling you.

i cant take credit for winning. it was amir who beat pyro’s team twice in a row.

Why is Amir such a BEAST!!!

I thought Amir was a big swoll ass black dude??!!

Well anyway GOOD shit WITHOUT CHUN!!! Well not in this one that singles tourney I saw.



i can’t wait for the video. omg…5 star’s necro is too sick. freaking top tier

were any of the casuals recorded?

what are necros moves again??

electric snake is the good super right?

how do you do that one move where he jumps up and hits you?

whoa fuck. Hella good job to Rockfeller/Valle/and Amir. crazy fuckers.

yes! good to see a urien team winning! reminds me of jive. good shit!

Texas around the corner…Practice Up Kids…

Forget 3s, Rock needs to play MARVEL again. og cable skillz are never forgotten.