3/11 RIT SF4 Ranbat results

  1. Gary[Dictator] (8 pts)
  2. Quang[Boxer] (5 pts)
  3. Mike[Dictator] (4 pts)
  4. Abe[Rufus/Ryu] (4 pts)
  5. Ed[Sakura] (2 pts)
  6. Ian[Gief] (2 pts)

Everyone else got one point BUT THANKS FOR ENTERING

This was pretty cool. I just intended to have a friendly get-together ranbat thing with a few of the usual crowd but it looks like SF4 is the first real game to get attention in the Rochester area for like a million years and this shit is PICKING UP.

Apologies, also-- I had to randomly seed this thing since it’s the first local ranbat. People also kept showing up at the last minute so the brackets were all lopsided and stupid (a big reason Quang didn’t get as many points as he should have), but repeat performance next week with real seeding! Hopefully with a second setup.