[3/13/10] NYC Chinatown Fairs - SFIV 2v2 Tournament #4 @ 7pm


Hey guys,

Alright, looks like we have a bunch of “mutes” - I guess no one voted? So here’s what I’ve decided; we are going to have the weekly 2v2 SATURDAY night this time, and at 7pm - what this means is that if you do not sign-up in person by 6:45pm I cannot put you in the bracket. The reason for this is that on the last weekly, we had a few last second teams even after the bracket was set… this delayed the tournament and some people were a bit upset - so be punctual and partner up!

Street Fighter IV 2v2 7pm

Chinatown Faris - 8 Mott Street, New York, NY

Entry fee is $20 per team (for more payouts)
Double Elimination - 2/3 Rounds 1 set
Losers/Winners/Grand Finalas 2/3 Sets
You are responsible for paying per play since it is the Arcade
Payout will be winner takes all if 10 or less teams enter, 70/20/10 if more than 10 teams enter, less than 5 teams = no tounament

This is a great way to test your skills against some of the best players in NYC

Let me know who’s down so I can make a pre-registration list - please provide your name/handle with what characters you and your teammate are using, so that after the bracket is set, we can try to keep you on so that you’d save a buck or two.

Yours truly,

BTW starting next week we will have a try with SFIV 3v3, YES, Japanese style


Where do u go to Rigster?


And do u have to pay for each game u play?


Find ME to register - don’t worry, I’ll be going around asking people to sign-up (inside CF)
It’s at the arcade so yes it is pay per play


i’ll try to make it o:


Would be awesome if they’d make it free play while the tourney was being ran, but there’s no chance of that happening.


greedy people in this world.:cybot:


Freeplay? We’re talking about a guy whose left MvC2 at 50cents a play, SF4 is by far without a doubt Sam’s(The owner of CF) moneymaker, especially fri/sat, no way in hell he would do that, Not greed, jus business… I jus wonder what the hells gunna happen when super drops if it doesnt have an arcade release


Pretty sure Henry is planning on having SSFIV there.

Back on topic, I’ll be there tomorrow Andy.


i hope a lot of people show up even with the weather we r having :confused:


Yeah, I was talkin to him last night and he was tellin me even if super doesnt get an arcade release he’ll just jimmy a console into a cabient with SSFIV like they did with MK:DA and GG, I still hope that the big announcement there havin at the nationals is about a legitimate arcade release tho

Unfortunately I dun think ima be able to make this today


how does that work? like do we paly for a certain amount of time?


its a bit of programing
since in peter pan games they have sf4 and console characters to use
ssf4 can be done as well


Despite that HORRIBLE weather, to the point where I was completely soaked from head to toe and my body was burning in the shower, it was a lot of fun. Should’ve came out if you didn’t. I’ll wait for Andy to post the results thread before I say any more.


Tournament was fun and went smoothly. Sanford raped me with sagat, then I lost to sagat that I beat in winners =( Better luck next time. but ya gg’s everyone