[3/13/10] NYC Chinatown Fairs - SFIV 2v2 Tournament #4 Results

Sorry guys,

When I put the thread up for 2v2 #5 I also put the results for 2v2 #4, but it didn’t go through… SRK often signs you out automatically if you idle for too long, that must have been the case.

Here it is again, 11 teams total:

  1. Andre (Dictator) Sanford (Sagat)
  2. LI Joe (Sagat) Auto-Demon (Gouki)
  3. Wayne (Blanka) Sylvester (Sagat)
  4. Jin (Rufus) “StarSlayer” Ciji (E. Honda)
  5. Rhys (Boxer) Nate (El Fuerte)
  6. Michael (Claw) Mike (Ryu)
  7. Minh (Abel) Hui (E. Honda)
  8. Tony (Boxer) Ab (Boxer)
  9. Havier (Dictator) Jessie (Blanka)
  10. Richard (Ryu) Oscar (Claw)
  11. Usman (Chun-Li) Mike (Gouki)

here are some vids recorded of that week

CTF 2vs2 031310 Grand Final

CTF 2vs2 031310 Loser’s Final


CTF 2vs2 031310 Winner’s Final


Thanks for posting the results! Also… not a biggie… but my tag is StarSlay3r (StarSlayer is someone else) :smiley: Just sayin! Thanks for having these tournaments, it’s been a great learning experience for me!