3/13/2004 NY tourney (Lincoln Invitationals)


3/13 NYC Tourney
We did not plan on throwing a tourney today but alot of people actually showed up & Lincoln got here way earlier than expected and Lincoln demanded a tourney and It was Philip’s birthday (Birthday cake ownz all)…

Marvel vs Capcom 2 results:

  1. Javier Chorrillos “Khameleon” Rowtron & Santhrax
  2. Mike Pungsujarit “Pungza” Santhrax & Cable/Sent/Cyc
  3. Lincoln Morris “DragonGod” Rowtron & Santhrax
  4. Ray Velez “DarkBuu” Magneto/Storm/Dr.Doom & Team Scrub
  5. Harry Roman “trunksss3” Sentinel/Magneto/Capcom
  6. Danny Roman “SiNCaBle” Team Stezo_1 & Cable/Cyc/Capcom
  7. Jesse Park “JesseP” Storm/Cable/Cammy
  8. Philip Collado “Kabe” Rowtron
  9. Ricardo Chorrillos “Desperado” Cable/Sent/Capcom

-Ray sending Lincoln to the Loser’s bracket but Lincoln getting
revenge on him in the Loser’s Semis.
-Harry almost taking out Lincoln but messed up by doing a lighting attack…
-Pungza vs Lincoln in Loser’s finals (too close)
-Philip playing MvC2 on his birthday
-Danny beasting on alot of people with his cable/cyc/capcom
-Javier beating Lincoln in a first to 10 wins money match. (10-2)
-Pungza also beating Lincoln in a first to 3 wins money match(3-1)


nice trun out :cool:

nice win javier

pungza always getting to close to win good shit.

dam u lucky Lincoln dont worry i got u next time:D


Always have fun at ur tournies Javier. How about a Mario Kart DD tourny or XvSF or MvC1 anyway good games to everyone. And Dont worry Lincoln I will completely eliminate u next time:evil:
BTW Danny like to call his team “The C Team”


and if u dont get lincoln out i will:evil:

yea danny calls it the The C Team :smiley:


lol good tourney it was fun good shit you guys but you are all just lucky i was rusty


rusty? dont come with that :lol:


yo mama is rusty…lol j/k


maybe she is who knows:lol: j/k


yall still having the tourney next week right? if so…i’ll be there to own u fuckers up:D :lol:


i am god