(3/13) UCD (Davis, CA) Bi-Monthly SF4 Tournament (3s/cvs2/mvc2 side tournies)


I want to apologize for any confusion this is going to bring. The tournament is being moved to Friday, March 13th. Same format and same games, just different date.

Games Played: Street Fighter 4 Main Event (side 3s/mvc2/cvs2)

Sign Up Time: 3PM Start, matches start @ 4:30

Entry Fee: 5$, 3$ for side tourneys. All machines on 1 token play ($.20) to support the MUGA.

Prize Setup: 75%/15%/10%

Format: Double Elimination, First to 3 out of 5 in a single game (gamechariot style), Quarterfinals and up become best of 3 games. For side tourneys, CvS2 will be double elimination, one game, best of 3 games (cause the game is random as hell) for quarterfinals and up. MvC2 will be best of 3 with quarterfinals and up going best of 5 maybe. 3S will be double elimination, one game until quarterfinals again.

Game Setup: Twin Head to Head Cabinets, Sanwa Buttons, Korean Sticks, Arcade Version (no console this time, sorry)

We’re planning to record matches and post them up, so if you don’t want your name on youtube, you better say so. There’s going to be at least 15 entrants from Davis alone, but we’d like to see more competitors from around the area, even the bay area, coming down to compete.

For more information, go ahead and send me PM’s or direct them to my email at mpi@ucdavis.edu. Hope to see some new faces this week.

People in the UCD thread can also answer your questions so drop them a post first before coming to me. Thanks.



Information is subject to change if Marty drops the ball and goes with the non-Gamechariot style or a $2 entry for the side tournaments. :rofl:

Where the 408 at?! :looney:

edit: Tournament postponed because Marty didn’t check to see if the MUGA wasn’t already reserved for an event on the 6th (it was) :rofl:


I don’t know where Matt get his info or if he’s just making this up :looney: The entry fee is actually $2 for the other 3 games. And Matt also has the incorrect prize setup.

10 +: 70 - 20 - 10
less than 10: 75 - 25

Everything else should be correct.


Hey, bad news. The tournament is cancelled due to the fact that the MUGA has something going on. Will keep you posted for details on the next event.


Yeah keep us posted. I would love to participate and I have 3 buddies that would be willing to come out from Sierra College.


u guys arent running the tournament nemore?


The tournament is still going to happen. It’ll be this Friday (3/13) instead of the previous Friday because of some scheduling problems. The matches start at 4:30 and Pieguy has all the info in the opening post.
Hope to see you there LPN and Revival.


ahhh u bastards. first u say its not happening , now its happening. now i can’t go:bluu:


Boooooooooooo. Marty was talking up your Bison bigtime man =P


is it possible to start the tournament any earlier


Quick bump for the Marvel results- -

1st - Randy (nanonoko)
2nd - Herman (penpal)
3rd - Anime Dude
4th - Tyram
5th - Giddean
5th - Tanaka
7th - Jack
7th - Ghetto Ass Paul