3/15/03 AZ Mesa Golfland MvC2 results


1st- Carlos Belgrave "Charlie Goblyn"
2nd- Arthur Cazares "Desert Dragon"
3rd- Al Lubis "shinalkuma"
4th- Chris Gosseti “illusion”

Congrats to all who placed. Now if only Apex would be up and running again…


how many peeps enterd


a shit load of scrubs and three good players…teehee


lots and lots of super noobs and 4 good players. carlos, arthur, joe, and illusion. …sadly i am one of the random scrubs:( :frowning:


ahhhh shut up Al from what I remember random scrubs didn’t win a single game against you. Plus the fact that you almost took out Carlos. :slight_smile:

Oh and 12 people entered total. Yay, yay yay.


awww shux thanks roy. dude if you had entered you could’ve wasted those random scrubs easily with one character ocv and no assists. you seriously could’ve went far. oh well next time you know. hehe. anyways also i know it’s a long drive to matt’s house especially from tucson but it really really helps to play matt and carlos alot. not only that but ask all questions even to the easiest things it can be essential as hell. i have to thank carlos and matt for helping me out. anyways i’ll c you soon. post when the times you’re free roy. …and hopefully i’ll c you on LIVE soon.


scub?..yea i was there…I would like it better if u called me a noob…cuz a scub is a type of guy metioned in a TLC song…

But any ways…yea i suck…I was the second one to lose…

Thanks for making me feel like crap… :frowning:

    I'm just joking...U guys r all right... especially that guy who said that he should be in the 4th grade.....


alright alright…

about four really good players…carlos,arthur,joe and al

one super scrub=illusion(me)

and a decent amount of noo-b’s…teehee




From what I remember the formula goes-

People who we don’t know who use characters like Jill/Guile/Ruby Heart, or have scrubby versions of Strider/Doom, mcp etc. (trying to xcopy pretty much) who get mopped by highly experienced players= random scrubs. :slight_smile:


illusion- not a random scrub. Pretty much ran through the other 8 scrubs with Doom alone from what I remember. OCV.

Al- Umm definitley not a scrub either.