3/15 Japan Tokyo MvsC2 result


at alpha station. 23playres entry.

1st sunahebi(storm/sent/cable)
2nd takayuki(mag/sent/cable,storm/sent/cable)
3rd nagata(storm/sent/CC,cable/sent/CC)
4th hayato(storm/cable/CC)
5th mentanpin(storm/sent/ironman)
5th marukuKY(msp)
5th Ind(cammy/storm/morrigan)
5th esper(storm/sent/CC)


Mitsu, Japanese’s best mvc2 player, was eliminated by Nagata. There will also be some jap vids. good job nagata :slight_smile:


how long until the vids will be online? Also, will they be on a website or only on Direct Connect?


someone answer the man’s question!

anywayz, im suprised Mitsu lost, but den again, im not. I mean, Nagata DID go to seattle and practiced with some high level American competition.

so sunahebi is currently the best now?


just give them time to make the video. i will ask nagata to post somewhere when the vid is ready.
you will see
takayuki vs sunahebi
nagata vs sunahebi
nagata vs mitsu

accoarding to nagata, the top 5 jap mvc2 players goes like this.

  1. Takayuki (he got 4th at seattle tourney defeating me, stiltman, ian, and gave row a good match) If takayuki was playing jap controler in the tournament, he would have placed higher than 4th.
  2. Sunahebi- this guy hasnt been playing in tourney for more than 2-4 months but he is still damn good.
  3. Mitsu- suppost to be know as japan best mvc2 player. he plays Ironman/storm/cable and has probably perfects people more than 30+ times. (2 perfects on takayuki)
  4. Liquid metal- known as the best team scrub player. i think he plays IM/storm/cable because he was inspired by mitsu.(not sure)
  5. white- we have not heard much from him but he is still beastly good. he stop playing spiral now but will use her occationally.
  6. Nagata- he has visited Seattle twice and improve a lot.

accoarding to takayuki, Mitsu is #1 and himself is #2.
This year takayuki and liquid metal might come and join EVO. i still can not confirm if this is true or not.


I can’t wait for the vids, and i tell those guys to come to evo!! >:[]


bring on the vid’s, i wanta see this up close and personal!:stuck_out_tongue:


thx for the info


lol i remember when daigo tried marvel2


bring these guys to evo:cool:


maybe ppl can stop complaining now that america is the only good marvel competition

just wondering tho… how’d they get so good so quickly?


Those guys study American matches except mitsu.


someone should tell them to use cyclops assist too

storm/cable/cyc = so own


ya i played some guy at my local arcade, he looked chinse, wore a white hat. sob was beasting with that team like 98 wins. think his name was mike or somthing.




Mitsu doesnt like how americans play? is it because we dont consider Iron Man a top tier character? :lol:


accoarding to nagata, mitsu doesnt have internet.


I run video mirror (homepage.mac.com/mrjamie/) – 500mb of space. If space is needed, I can offer it free and bandwidth-unrestricted. Just hit me up on AIM (mrjamie@mac.com) or e-mail (mrjamie@mac.com)

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I can’t say exactly why, but I laughed so hard when I read this…


any ETA on those vids?