3/15 Japan Tokyo MvsC2 result


lol i remember when daigo tried marvel2


bring these guys to evo:cool:


maybe ppl can stop complaining now that america is the only good marvel competition

just wondering tho… how’d they get so good so quickly?


Those guys study American matches except mitsu.


someone should tell them to use cyclops assist too

storm/cable/cyc = so own


ya i played some guy at my local arcade, he looked chinse, wore a white hat. sob was beasting with that team like 98 wins. think his name was mike or somthing.




Mitsu doesnt like how americans play? is it because we dont consider Iron Man a top tier character? :lol:


accoarding to nagata, mitsu doesnt have internet.


I run video mirror (homepage.mac.com/mrjamie/) – 500mb of space. If space is needed, I can offer it free and bandwidth-unrestricted. Just hit me up on AIM (mrjamie@mac.com) or e-mail (mrjamie@mac.com)

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I can’t say exactly why, but I laughed so hard when I read this…


any ETA on those vids?


i dont know why, but i found it kinda sad when i read this…
I guess its the opposite of how u felt. :lol:

man, i cant wait to see them vidz


vids comin anytime soon???




WTF japanaese starting to play this game or what? If so give them a year and they become beasts, if their IM isn’t beastley already IIRC.

And they study american matches?

It’s like not some of us don’t study japanese matches with other games like 3s, ggxx, and other ish!

And ROM came from japan and the US uses it like it’s the greastest fad ever…


I just saw some japanese matches from one of the threads in the fighting game discussion. Are those the same matches from this tournament?
cuz the results were really different.

Singles Tournament
1st: Takayuki
2nd: Liquid Metal
3rd: Mitsu


Those are from March; the videos are from February :slight_smile:


ROM infinite didnt come from Japan, just ROM the player. WAY too many people think that the ROM infinite was Japan first, which is entirely not true. I remember distinctly when it was just called “the new infinite” or something, before anyone american had even heard of ROM


wow, they are pretty good

takayuki beasting