3/15 Norcal Marvel result TINH GETS SERIOUS

2nd Crizzle
4th Korngo

-tinh beats chunk, crizzle, korngo
-crizzle beats chunk
-crizzle takes the first set, tinh takes the second.
-chunk was unable to perform CPR thus not making his remarkable b.s. come backs.
-this was played on arcade.

:shake: Will they LISTEN:shake:

go tinh!!! i think it was from those 2 days of practice with me lol

Damn anthony you got them news fast! Thanks for always supporting me , and for MIKEY R it was nice seeing you again at my house , OH I MISS YOU =] see you at EVO! I think the result is

16-20 entrants?

  1. Tinh Ngo (Santhrax)
  2. Crizzle (MSP)
  3. Korngo (MSP)
    4th) Nick B (Santhrax,Rowtron)
    5th) Chunksta (MSS,Santhrax)
    5th) Kingkau (Sean) (Storm,Sent,Cable)

forgot the rest but thats what I can remember the top of my head, mark post up full result if you can thanks. Thanks to ram,mark for hosting the tourney.

Where were randy lew,herman,som at this?

Nice seeing everyone again. I will call you guys when i’m down in the bay again!

yah I got like 10 calls about the results while i was napping honestly i could care less.

norcal fell off since cableguy and I stopped playin seriously but its time for new blood to shine.

GO TINNH! hope u do well @ evo and make the wc team.

good stuff, thanks for the love. I got a new sn so i’m going to add you up.

Sounds like you’re not even part of norcal. And what was the specific reason why you and cableguy stopped playing seriously?

I don’t wanna hear “oh, uh 'cause I had to move on with life”.

Regardless of what you say about me, crizzle, or korngo not placing in the right spots, fairfield ain’t Evolution or a major tournament. Evolution and Major Tournaments is where and when it counts to see who are the real top players.

Good shit to Tinh though. You beat me fair and square.

See ya’ll at the next tourney.

i was just trying to hype up the next tournament…

and put tinh on the map sorry chunk my bad.

it was just a bad day, bad stick why u think cableguy and I dont like attending that arcade.

Now now, this is marvel. Let’s all be friends and enjoy the next episode of “Marvel of our Lives.

Not trying to hate or nothing. I don’t mind anyone else being on the radar.
Just trying to see if things are straight between all of us.

mad props to Tinh Ngo, represent

props to chunk, crizzle, and my nigga korngo

GJ tinhngo.com
nice seein korngo crizzle, and chunk again.

Tinh Ngo, the Finesse of Norcal?

=] thanks for the love


ready for evo jason? hahaha, i’m not ^_^. thanks for the love.

Naw Im not ready yet, Anyone have the full brackets and did anything get recorded?

I threw away the bracket but I took down results before I did.

4.Nick (the orochi)
5.Sean (KingKau)
7.Mark (TRR)
7.Justin K
9.Eric (StiltMan)
9.Ahrmon (blkbrotha)

Next tourney was announced, hope to see you all there!


the sacramento vs bay area fued continues… OooooOOOOOOOOoooooooooOOOO!
will sac continue to dominate northern cali marvel? dun dun dunnnnn
MAYbe if i…???
will Mikey AND cableguy come out to the next tourney!??!?
will tinhesse take another tourney win home for team sac??!?!
or will the bay cats try to reclaim the marvel title and bring back to the bay?!?!?!

omgggggg, get hype!

all the broads screamin like they just seen tupac!!!